TFS "Join the best or be forgotten like the rest."

The Frozen Shadows have been around for 6 years, and during those 6 years we have fought it almost 400 recorded clan battles and built a legacy. Along the way we have met some amazing players with a love and a passion for Halo. Some stayed and found the clan that they were always looking for others moved on to greater things in life. During these past 5 months that I have been leader of this clan, we have grown and become strong once more. As of this moment we have 3 active squads going strong. Alpha squad, Contra Squad, and Sentinel Squad. Alpha is filled with some the best SPARTANS in our ranks. Contra is the gateway that all Shadows must go through before they are allowed into the ranks of the clan. Sentinel has some of the finest map builders in the Halo community. There is so much I could tell all who wish to join, years and years of History. Struggles, victories, and much more. In The Frozen Shadows you not only will be given a chance to make a difference no matter what your skills may be, but your achievements will be forever frozen and remembered by those who come after you. We are a Halo clan, always have been always will be. If you have a passion for Halo and thirst for competition The Frozen Shadows could be for you.
Msg me on here or Xbox my gt is RedRizer13

Added my GT is HushedCasket223

Awesome I look forward to playing with you.
The Frozen Shadows

> Never seen, Never killed, Never Forgotten