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This is the first time I’ve done this but here goes nothing.

I am recruiting for my new clan called The Fourth Order. The leaders of the clan are me(VenomousMerrick) and EndGame996. We are recruiting players 15 and up.

My friend and I have two different sides of the clan, one for CoD(EndGame996) and Halo(me, aka VenomousMerrick).

For mine, you have to wear Steel(primary) and brick(secondary) and you gotta be active and competitive. I’ve already gotten way too many inactive players in my clan. Our emblem is a phoenix with a shield background, but since that’s gone, it won’t matter. We prefer you wear a Solar or Midnight visor, but is not necessary.

We mainly play for fun, but we also do it for competition, achievement boosting, help with ranking, clan battles, etc.

When I get enough players in the clan, there will be a competition every month with everyone in my division battling for the Guard title. The Top four will get the Guard title, the top will be the Arbiter Guard, who has leadership over the other 3 guards. This title lasts a month, unless you fight for it every month.

Everyone will be put in a group of 4, the guards will automatically be in a group.

This is the first time I am making a clan, and if there can be any tips or criticism, that would be appreciated. We don’t care for K/D or wins and losses, just to help each other out.

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