TFL (Recruiting/merge)

Hello, my name is BlazingAngel94 and I am recruiting on behalf of the clan entitled “The Forsaken Legion”. TFL is a great clan if you want to have fun, win, get to know others, and become part of group revolving around a variety of games.
If you are a small clan or just a single person, we would love for you to merge and or join. Small clans may not know what to do or be that good, so heres the opportunity for you. I could assign you a higher rank and to still be in charge or your guys. You would just all be under the leadership of TFL.

: : A Little About Us : :

We are a fairly new clan, but we have, and are, on the road to gaining a skilled play-base. We have 30+ members that are dedicated to halo and the clan. Instead of having the usual one direct leader like a lot of clans have, there is instead two leaders that share equal power to ensure decisions are made at the benefit of TFL. The leaders are TFL Uncle Griff and TFL MATARBUCKLE and you are more then welcome to contact these two indivuals any time via XBL.

Despite Halo: Reach (till Halo 4) being our main game where the clan is operated from, we still like to play other games such a Battlefield 3 and encourage members to play with others on other games they may have, like, Gears of War, Left 4 Dead, any halo game, etc. So don’t feel as if you have to be with TFL on Halo every waking second (which we would love), we understand if you want to play another game or are simply getting tired and may just want to watch a movie or get off XBOX. We are not evil dictators.

Speaking of evil dictators, this is not a clan that forces you to change your G.T. However, we don’t mind if you do so, so long as you put TFL in front and place a space afterwards. If you decide to change your G.T, you will be awarded with an increase of ranks.

: : Requirements and Rules : :

  1. A working Headset will be required. If the one you have, is not functional but are serious in joining, we will make an exception as long as you get a mic. ASAP.

  2. To join, a K/D of 1.0 (in Halo: Reach) is a must-have. However, we will allow you to join us in a few games and make a final decision from there if its lower then 1.0.

  3. Age limitation is set at 14. This is due because we feel that while we all like to have fun, there needs to be some signs of maturity.

  4. Team-work and leadership is a key sign that should always be displayed. Just because you are the FNG, it doesn’t mean you can’t be a leader, we like individuals showing leadership and it’s a good way to rank up (just don’t boss people around).

  5. Maturity and respect is expected to be shown when leaders are on and off. The gaming world is filled with a wide variety of people and it is common sense to not offend others in any way, shape, or form.

  6. Use your cranium and show some sense, it’s nothing too difficult to understand.

  7. Dedication is a major key in the success of any clan. Dont join if you won’t be that active.

: : Structure and Ranks : :

TFL uses a simplified version of the United States Marine Corps ranking system and basic military structure for organization and at times in-clan competitions. Below, you will find the system that is in use:

-Fireteam: Four man team led by a Corporal.
-Squad: Eight man team (two fireteams) led by a Staff Sergeant.
-Platoon: Two squads led by a 2nd Lieutenant.
-Company: Three squads in total with a captain in command.
-Division: Two Companies that is led by a Colonel.

Here is where you will find the ranking structure:

-Private First Class
-Lance Corporal
-Staff Sergeant
-Gunnery Sergeant
-1st Sergeant
-Master Gunnery Sergeant
-Sergeant Major
-2nd Lieutenant
-1st Lieutenant
-Lieutenant Colonel
-Brigadier General
-Major General
-Lieutenant General

: : Final Comments : :

Thank-you for reading. If you would like to join, please post in the thread. If you have any other questions or concerns, I greatly encourage you to message me on Waypoint, or XBL. If you would like to get in touch with the two leaders of TFL, you can contact TFL Uncle Griff or TFL MATARBUCKLE on XBL and mention BlazingAngle94 told you to contact them.