TF2-styled Match Composer for Halo Infinite


  • There’s been a lot of desire for more player choice when it comes to matchmaking for Halo Infinite.
  • Certain gamemodes cannot be chosen by players, but are left up for the matchmaking services to device – this includes modes within the Quick Play and BTB playlists (CTF, Total Control, Oddball, etc.)
  • Some challenges require certain gamemodes which cannot be chosen by players, and certain weapons which are left up to maps and modes. This causes players to be frustrated when they cannot pick maps or modes.
  • UI limitations are presenting obstacles when it comes to adding playlists.

Possible Solution:
343 has already discussed incorporating a match composer akin to MCC for Infinite.
I feel that in order for Infinite to thrive to its fullest potential, this needs to go further.

As a point of reference, the game Team Fortress 2 has a casual matchmaking system which allows players to select which modes AND maps they wish to play.

A system like this within Infinite would allow for players to easily select exactly what they want to play, without needing to go through complicated menus and sub-menus. In addition, rotational and event playlists would display at the top!

Not only this, but it would:

  • Make specific challenges less frustrating and left up to random chance, since players can now select what modes are required for challenges – this will circumvent the need to overhaul the challenges system, or change specific challenges to be general.
  • This would also make the wait for an XP/performance-based progression system, to supplement the challenges, less frustrating for players.
  • Ensure the game’s longevity through player choice – the frustration from lack of agency with the current matchmaking/challenges causes players to stop playing.

This is my first feedback post, and I wanted to be as constructive and descriptive as possible! I hope this came out okay!


This is a pretty great solution in my opinion. It definitely brought back fun nostalgic memories seeing the TF2 match composer.


Just out of curiosity, how’d you manage to include an image in your post? I’ve tried to do that but without luck.


I could see this happening only if they dramatically increased the total number of challenges of the week and increasing the amount requested of each one. I’m sure they don’t want a full weeks of challenges to be doable in hour or possibly even less…

Probably would remove the weekly item at the end as well…

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YES! this is exactly what i’ve been saying! i love the composer tf2 has, and the player friendly options of the que system. being able to que for multiple modes and specific maps FOR EACH MODE. halo infinite, heck even the MCC would work so well with this system. being able to que up for BTB, oddball on bazzar, or what have you…
or certain modes/maps for certain games, it could be expanded further on MCC. the challenge system for both games would be LEAGUES more fun given the lack of RNG with this system. as then players would have MORE CHOICE. and those that’re not going for challenges, can que up for exactly what they’re in the mood for. be it ctf on launch site, or territories on recharge. a player first mentality with this system, lovely all around!

but… 343 wont do that. they probably dont even know how to -v-

As someone who’s a fan of bpth games i would love this also what sort of sorcery did you use to include a tf2 image in your post?

I think the weekly challenge/item is fine to have – the main issue is how much of a slog going through the other challenges currently are, since they’re so specific yet the player has little agency when it comes to many of them.
Just need to make the challenges less specific, or at least give players the ability to choose what they want to play, and then you’re good!

Oh, really? I just copied and pasted the image straight into the box.

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