Testing Lobby Twice Weekly - Host AgentPaperCraft

Testing Lobbies will now be held twice weekly.

Wednesday at 10pm est.

Sun 6pm est.

The the lobbies are now twice weekly to spare me some time through out the weekend.

Map Masters List.

I guess this is for testing peoples forgge creations? Right?

Yes indeed. Testing Gametypes and Maps.

Sure I’m up for it

GT- Robert Jonez


I have a map I want to test and would be happy to test other people’s maps as well. It’s on Tempest though.

GT is ImBetterThenU

Sounds pretty fun and I would love to attend but I am pretty sure its the same time as WCCN.

I’d love to join. I’m really enthusiastic about map testing and such. GT: TitanC005, that’s two zeros, not 'O’s.

Sure, I would be up for that. My friend would also like to do it. GT: NickF3P

Is this going to become a regular thing? So people can test their maps?

> Is this going to become a regular thing? So people can test thier maps?

very regular thing.

Like once a week sorta thing?

ill do it tonight if possible yet? i have a alpha map that ive had no real testing on yet, i need alot of people (at least 12 probably)

GT- hihi10020

hey it was fun last night, wish i couldve stayed longer but i had a party to go to.

whens the next lobby?

Wednesday at 6 pm.

ight cool, hey i added new acsess points to Station, if you want to check it out ill be on pretty much all night tonight.

I might make this a nightly event, I’m getting alot of pm’s from people asking for it.