Testing Forge Map on Impact

Hey guys I am almost finished with a map I have created on Impact minus a few aesthetics and changes. It is called “Impact” (still need to change the name I know) and it is mainly for team slayer. I am in the process of adding more game variants and will hopefully have them done soon. If we could get 8-10 people to give it a try that would be great. My gamertag is xJR16x add me and we’l play.

I’m down for it

great. I’ll add you later this evening and we will give it a go. Feel free to invite anybody else. I would like to see how well it works in a full fledged match.

I’ll play! I love customs!

I’ve got a map I’ll have finished up also on Impact called Lateralus we could play when we’ve played some games on your map if you and everybody want to try a game out on mine.

same here im down!

Awesome guys. I will add you all tonight and we will hit up our maps!

Add me too, got some decent cool maps to show + can also help you in your forging =)