Testing for my Dominion Map

Hey guys! Testing for my Dominion map will be this Saturday at 4pm central time. There’s always room for more testers, so if you feel like playing some Dominion make sure you stop by, and bring your friends! The more the merrier! Now even though the actual testing won’t start until 4pm, I will be online all day so if you can’t make it at 4pm, feel free to stop by anytime. Also, after you play, please give me some feedback on the map! The reason for me doing this is to improve the map and make it better! I will be tweaking the map on Sunday, so if you’re interested in seeing the 2.0 of my map feel free to stop by in the evening on Sunday! My gamertag is GHouseSwag, shoot me a message on Xbox Live if you are interested in helping out or if you have any questions. I answer my messages usually as soon as I get them if I’m online, and I check it every hour if I’m not. I hope to see you guys Saturday!

I’m in. That said, I too need a map rigorously tested. The details are here.