Testing & Features

  1. Radar: Does not indicate wether or not they are above or below, just a slight setback, but I cannot complain. I love the very, very little detail of knowing which way is North now. That little arrow will help Me in BTB anyway.

  2. That Hammer tho!! I love how You implemented the weight of it being top heavy & You can’t just continuously slam, You “feel” the weight of the hammer. DO NOT CHANGE THAT. IT’S BEAUTIFUL.

  3. I enjoy the button customization on controller for sure, very good. I also appreciate that gesture of turning off Your HUD, very good for a “going dark” vibe.

  4. S7 Sniper Rifle: I love how You have to literally time Your shot, more so. Kinda sad I can’t hold in My zoom key with a sniper, or anything involving a scope & it descopes, without having to double click or swap My weapon. (Hold to zoom is not preffered with dual magnification weapons). Audio: When firing AR at least, 2 shots sound like 3, 1 shot sounds like 2, 3 sounds like 4. Off putting.

  5. Do not descope (with certain weapons apparently), just like Halo 4, not a deal breaker honestly. I do miss 4’s FAR SUPERIOR MOTION TRACKER.

  6. That run & gun, run & grenade & run & reload is just, chefs kiss. Mad balanced. 343i, I applaud You, I just. Bro. Swear, game of the century. Boosters, don’t matter, hovering don’t matter just…You can have My money bro.

  7. Plasma grenades leave behind residue.

  8. M41 SPNKR: Enjoy the SPNKR tubes drop to ground after reloading, very, very fresh.

  9. Ravager: sucks major booty, not My type of weapon personally, I even compensated for the arc, nothing. I won’t he using it honestly.

  10. Shock Rifle: Not My particular weapon of choice. Sometimes I’ll see traces of electricity connecting to other Spartans, yet no collateral damage. Kinda gives false hope on that. Would be interesting to see a charge function, like the Ravager.

  11. Commando: Interesting weapon indeed. Heavy hitting, slower fire rate means compensating for Spartan movements, not My favourite, but I will be using it from time to time. I am just a sucker for the MA40.

  12. Pulse Carbine: I mean, We have the Needler, why not just give Us back Our original Carbine? You know? I will say I slightly enjoy it, but I don’t see Myself using it or rushing to it.

  13. BR75: Bruh.

  14. MK50 SIDEKICK: C: <3 <3 <3

  15. CQS48 BULLDOG: Interestingly enough, You can have Your reticle on Your target, but the pellets will spread & miss accordingly. Even at close range. Very cool, very nice little detail. At 10 meters, roughly 5-6 (7-8 if You are trash like Me) shots to take down a spartan. That is more than fair, even with the spread of pellets.

  16. SKEWER: Basically the S7, slower reload time of course, but fair. I honestly haven’t used the timer to, well, time it, but honestly it’s more than fair.

  17. Plasma Pistol: I mean, it’s the PP, I do enjoy the fact that You can quick vent it. Very nice touch.

  18. Needler: Tracking is nice, a bit more accurate, whilst keeping Your reticle on target or close enough. Go to far, naturally, there will be nothing to track.

  19. MA40 AR: Bruh, My second favourite AR. That is all.

  20. HEATWAVE: That dang 'ol Heatwave man, I dunno. Even in PvP, I got cheated out of shots. I assume You use that little security camera in the “live fire” range, to keep tabs, as well as use the bots. It’s another one of My least favourite weapons.

My statements still stand as such:

Honestly, I’m quite impressed. You crazy -Yoinks!- may have just done something. Thank You for the invite, thank You for clearly putting some passion & love into the project, thank You for making ‘Halo’, I mean…

“Woah” - Pelican Pilot, Halo 2, R.I.P.

After kicking the bots -Yoinks!- on Spartan difficulty, but still being evenly matched, it has come to My attention that I was correct. We really aren’t ready to make that list of just numbers in the Sgt. Major Avery Johnson Academy. I don’t see the bots jumping around like tools. I see them sticking together & communicating, like a select few people do, not telling someone to “shut the -Yoink- up”, just because they can’t stand to be a good teammate. Honestly, that qualifications list, is gonna be hella small. My review of ‘Halo Infinite’, is done. The campaign could be doody, for all I care, the only thing that matters is, I see no Spartans. Only the difficulty below Marine. If there isn’t one, congrats, You’re all it. Trimordious, waiting for next play time.