Tested out drop recon

It works. just to those who weren’t for sure.

Explain please.

Thanks for clearing this up, i presumed that it woulden’t work, considering its one of the most important things in the game.

although i don not have gameplay of my own here is some ppl who have gameplay

Here is footage of it in action in War games skip to 6:21

Custom game footage a full test of its abilities

also this armor mod is great if used with teamwork. but it can also be used solo if you want some of the weapons to yourself :wink: but you may not get to them all in time.

Heh, I opened both videos and skipped to some 06:01 or something.

Just as the other video with the custom game started. They were timed so well that I thought the commentary was for the first video, forgot I opened the second one.

Just as he said that the Gravity hammer icon appeard the scattershot icon appeared in the MM game. “That’s not a gravity hammer, what’s he talking about?”. Then when the player went up to the scattershot and got it, the commentator goes “Bam, right on time” as it drops and an enemy comes around the corner. The commentary at that point was almost made for that moment.

However, that is how Halo 4 should be like. With the addition of a countdown timer, and it should appear atleast 30 seconds before the drop. With the Engineer thingy, it could appear 45 seconds before the drop, or something.

However, everyone on the map should see the icon, and when it’s going to drop, and what.