test site v??

What is the map test site v it seems unfinished in a way im only wondering because the other day me and a couple guys who were doing free for all and slayer matches for fun and one of our members picked test site v we ended up just trying to figure it out rather than kill eachother and we never did we just quit the game is it like a map they left on there for no reason or is it an actual map?

I am curious as well

I’ve seen and played on it too. Must’ve been a site where the devs were testing out the Forge tools to make sure they could create a working map. Evidently, the left it it behind and gave us access to it, either through mistake or through reasons of curiosity. Or it’s just a map that was planned to be in matchmaking but was forgotten about. Either way, it’s still there.

I have literally no clue why it’s there, but all I know is it’s super fun to play FFA Super fiesta on it.

Maybe it a map like sandbox off of halo 3, but I really don’t know.

The names cool but thats about all it has going for it.