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What was so special about Reach’s UI?

True, Halo 4’s sucked

Agreed op, very easy to navigate trough and very easy on the eyes. Halo 4’s just seemed like a BETA place holder, very fumbely and unnecessarily complicated.
EDIT: Was never a big fan of the player cards theme.

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> What was so special about Reach’s UI?

Clarity… It was impossibly well-organized. You could open literally all of your settings from any screen. There were no menu loading times, no input delays, no noisy cursor sounds, the artwork was beautiful (and different) in every menu, and you could see your party at all times. In fact, it’s the best UI I’ve ever seen as well…

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You would have to ask Certain Affinity or Sabre Interactive; as it’s probably outsourced to them.

I have never agreed more with anything posted on waypoint. Reaches UI was absolutely perfect. If 343 literally copy pasted the code and changed the background pictures, i would be incredibly happy.

Reach had the best UI it was simple and easy to use unlike Halo 4s


Yes the Reach UI was nice. Didnt like the dark backgrounds though.

> 2533274798011936;2:
> What was so special about Reach’s UI?

It was a work of art that also happened to be extremely practical and uncluttered. On one hand, the background art was beautiful and this slight hint of three-dimensionality so it wouldn’t look too flat. On the other hand, it had no unnecessary eye candy. Everything that absolutely didn’t need to be colored was transparent, and everything else was only as noticeable as you needed it to be. The Reach UI was everything a good UI needs to be. It’s subtle enough that it doesn’t distract you, but beautiful when you just stop and look at it.

The Halo 4 UI is a striking difference. The main menu starts out not too shabby with a nice background, and only one fourth of the UI occupied by the menu options. But then, when you enter any of the lobbies, it’s all awful. You have these huge striking tiles with sharp edges as if they had hired a new designer whose only previous experience was with tablet UIs. Everything is still as easily accessible, but the UI just shouts “Look at me! I’m just another intermediate layer between you and the game!” with all its huge tiles and sharp edges. Then, when you stop and look at it, can you say it looks nice? Sure the main menu did, but here in the lobby you just have blue blur with something in the background.

The Halo 4 UI isn’t terrible by any means. The problem is, the Reach UI was everything I would’ve ever wanted in game where the primary form of control are thumb sticks. I’ve always felt Bungie were good with clean UIs since the start. I think they did great job with Destiny UI continuing from Reach, and I think that by Reach they had really mastered the Halo UI. In comparison to that the UI we got with Halo 4 just looks plain intrusive and boring.