Terrorist Hunt gametype to replace firefight?

I was just wondering if people would like a gametype similar to terrorist hunt from rainbow six vegas 2. I really enjoyed firefight at times and i am disappointed that it won’t be included in Halo 4, i know spartan ops is meant to be the replacement and it does sound good but it won’t quite be the same, which is why i think a terrorist hunt styled gametype should be a replacement.

Basically if you don’t know what terrorist hunt is, it is basically where there are a certain amount of enemies on a map which you have to wipe out but you only have a certain amount of lives, so the gametype is simple but really enjoyable. So in halo 4 they could make it customizable and you could fight against different types of enemies on different maps, such as the covenant, heretics, the flood, the new enemy, insurrectionists, or each individual species, etc. An example of the customizationcould be the player having one life to take out 50 covenant enemies on a map. Obviously there would need to be a name change. Also to mix the gametype up a bit 343 could add objectives for the player to complete similar to invasion so the player may have to infiltrate an enemy base and steal some nav data or plant a bomb etc.

What are your thoughts?

That would be apart of Elite Ops(Or Honor Guard) and it would be called Brute hunting. Brute hunting would be much more intense.