I just only me or changing Halo’s owner was a not great idea at all? the servers are running to slow, lag everywhere, the swat multiplayer is not the same, its more like an slayer type, you have to shoot a ENTIRE mag to kill everyone, this kind of stuff was not present when bungie has the control, PLEASE DO SOMETHING, FIX SOMETHING, INCREASE YOUR SERVERS CAPABILITIES, but dont let die the game that BUNGIE builds through these years. we love Halo, but due the facts we do not have any option to left it behind and do not even try the fourth version

Servers have nothing to do with lag. Its whoever is host in the matches you are playing.

Plus, dont spam your DMR in SWAT.

true all games have been p2p so if you are lagging its the host

Nothing has changed for me, only that some invasion games have 3 or 4 rounds (It went into that ‘starting game’ mode and a few people quit and then a new invasion round is started.

Really? well this NOT happen when BUNGIE was on charge…

I have had some lag recently, but honestly I really had a tough time reading that paragraph… not trying to be rude, but it was a bit of a challenge.

I’ve actually noticed an increase in performance since the switch, most notably in finding big team battles. It never took that long to find a game anyway but I think its finding them much quicker now.

I hear you there, Im a pretty hardcore SWAT player and its just not SWAT anymore, I’ve shot 4-5 times a guy in the head and he just wont go down! (Ive seen the video on theater, Clean head shots, he wont die) last night I spent a whole clip of the DMR on a guy’s head, it was like firing a .50 CAL and HE JUST WOULDNT DIE!! some games come thru clean and its like the old SWAT experience but some other are terrible, some times I shoot a guy, he walks 1-2 steps and then he dies, sometimes I kill a guy, walk for a while and it turns out Im dead from the guy I shot 6 secs ago… this is serious, this never happend with bungie on charge, so if this is going to be the NEW multiplayer experience count me out!

That’s true, the time to get a playable game was decreased, but forgive me if Im a little annoying with the topic, but took 3 or 4 shoots IN THE HEAD to kill certaing people, ok could be the host; maybe, but that did not happen before, so whats the difference between now and before?

> this is serious, this never happend with bungie on charge…

Yes, it did. It didn’t happen often (I can only recall three games that were like that) but it did happen.