Terminus 2vE - made top 15

woohoo me and my buddy got to 11 and 12 on the leaderboards this past weekend on 2vE legendary. I was Anders and he was Johnson. What a powerful combo. The added long range of Johnson’s barricades makes Anders’ kodiaks brutal.

I noticed palalloo and his teammate just got ahead of us. But for at least a while we were 11 and 12 in the world!

And we we aren’t finished. I’m going to get to 1 and 2…watch me.

Good job, can’t wait for you too make it to the top. However, you have any tips for anyone who struggles even against Heroic, especially the first 5 waves when all you have is infantry going up against Alices.

I have many many suggestions in general. Would love to game with you. Send me an invite if you get a sec.

as for the first few minutes of terminus…it’s brutal. I’d say 50% of the time we have to restart because on wave 5 we get a condor or a scarab. We don’t even have a leader or anything more than infantry on the map at that point. It’s impossible to defend. So we restart. If you get heroes it’s hsually pretty easy to beat.

The first 10 waves are absolutely brutal. Restart if you lose a spire and hopefully you’ll get more manageable waves.

Inmy opinion the first 10 waves are sometimes harder to beat than 90-100 lol.