Terminal Videos, Lets talk about you know wha

So as you can see 5 flashing symbols at the end of the last video. I first tried to enter them in the order shown

No luck

Then noticed that the symbols are puzzles on the sides. Fitting together well only 3 actually fit. 2 dont and none of them have edges. Anyone know where to find the rest of the code? I rewatched the terminal videos and none of them have codes like the last one? So I’m stuck

Also I tried the code after fitting it into a puzzle from the main page on waypoint with the ??? marks and says denied so I’ve yet to unlock what I need to for it to work… any ideas?

Anyone?? Or is everyone too busy being upset about server issues. Figured while downtime is now why not figure what this unlocks?

I’m wondering this as well. Can’t figure it out…

Well I’ve gone through and watched all the videos like 5 times. I can only find symbols in the last Cryptum video. The five do not make a full puzzle and wont get accepted so either we have to wait for more but with no hint of waiting? Or find the other 5 somewhere.

They also posted a update about 3 ago and its still on the main page with a full 10 pieces and they fit in a perfect puzzle and when I entered those I just got a access denied so I’m guessing something needs to be unlocked? I am all for the hunt but with the cryptum video puzzles pieces I feel like its a dead end. My only idea at this point is the symbols are in game which could be anywhere within a 6 hour campaign???

The symbols seen have to do with this.
It also has something to do with the Section 3 Archives “Wiseguy”.
This can be found if you go to the Classified section on Halo Waypoint. All the puzzle pieces fit together and can be used to unlock something.

However when I put in the code, its said I don’t have the right things unlocked to use the code. Which means we either need more codes or more achievements.

I believe that’s a whole other code. See it has 10 which is the max and it all fits with two borders on each side. I get the same error but I’m for sure that is a whole other code. The one for WISEGUY needs 10 we have 5 from the cryptum video and basically trying to figure out where the other 5 are???

Before we get too deep in the woods looks like there is a huge forum dedication to this so lets move