Terminal Trouble

I’m having a problem finding the place to input the Terminal codes to get the credits from it. The links I tried only sent me to the homepage of Waypoint. Did they stop that feature or are the links just not working?

You may access the input feature and terminal archive by entering the Halo Waypoint application on the Xbox. Once the main screen has loaded, press ‘X’. This shall then direct you to a screen depicting circles of varying colours. These correspond to the buttons on one’s Xbox controller. For instance, if the circles appeared in the order red, green, green, yellow, blue, yellow; you would be required to use the buttons B, A, A, Y, X, Y in that given order. Following this step, you should have access to the code screen, where you may access each of the terminal videos via Waypoint.

Thank you, kind sir.

But isn’t there a way to input the codes on my computer?

Although I may be mistaken, I believe that the terminal archive may only be accessed via the Halo: Waypoint Xbox application.

Its open on the web site as well.

Click on your Name on the top screen on halo way point were your emblem and rank are displayed!

Grab red bar left side of Career OverView on the pop up menu and click,hold, drag to your right!

Click on the Picture show this highlighted arrows (>>>)

Then, BAM your there!

Any other questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:

happy halodays!