Tenrai Weekly Challenge: Get 10 Assists

Get 10 assists is currently the only challenge I have to progress in the Tenrai event. These challenges are specifically designed to slow you down and literally every Halo youtuber pointed it out during the very first flight 5 months ago. We were told “just wait and see you’ll love it”. NOW they admit it sucks after we find out it’s actually even worse than we thought.
I just played a match of fiesta where all my teammates were trying to get Assist medals. An entire match of people trying not to kill each other in Slayer. It is a physical impossibility that they did not know how stupid this is.
I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume some money man executive forced them to do it because nothing in Halo 4, 5, or MCC is this insane. If they had just copied the MCC battlepass XP and challenge system I don’t think anyone would be complaining.
This needs to be fixed this week because it is actually affecting the gameplay, not just customization.

I had that one and I did it in two games lol.

Same here. Of all the challenges I’ve seen though I think it perfectly captures the absurdity of the system. A challenge that asks you to actively avoid winning fights.

Just drive a warthog with a gunner. Be steady and hopefully you have a good gunner or a friend playing with you so you can make callouts. But it’s very easy or just try to steal kills. You’ll certainly get assists for that.

It’s a Fiesta specific challenge


What is wrong with 343i…

No the most absurd one is killjoy 5 opponents. I skipped it out of principle. I’m not letting the enemy get killing sprees, I still haven’t got 100 in MCC and I’ve played it for 100+ hours ha.

It was replaced with play 6 games, pathetically easy in comparison.

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