The items are being Time gated and Progression being drip fed to players by 7 tiers now and every other month…
Players aren’t able to play and earn it normally. Expect every other FREE Event to be this way.
Don’t even see the point in playing and trying to earn this stuff now.


Yeah, time-gating this event feels wrong, especially when there is more content in the store than the event battle pass & being drip-fed minimal pieces of items during a time when the community isn’t ecstatic about progression was …poorly thought-out.

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Time gating progression in the event is an issue for me because I don’t know if I’d be able to get each week’s ranks not knowing what real world responsibilities I might at the time. And then the thought of losing out on the chance to complete the event because of time gate is discouraging.

At the very least, I’ll hand ‘em $5 as a miniature battle pass because I like the yoroi armor core more than the reach and could get it done at enjoyable and guaranteed rate.

They probably need to hit some arbitrary “engagement metrics” to please Microsoft or investors or something. Gotta keep those daily logins up! ActiBlizz does the same thing and all of their games suffer for it.

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