Tenrai Event Sucks. Battle Pass Progression Sucks. Challenges Sucks. Monetization Sucks

Halo as a game and a series is held to a very high standard set by previous games. What’s happening now is Activision and EA tiers of scummy. 343’s reputation is gonna take a huge hit as a result and it won’t recover if they continue down this path.

I don’t even understand the logic and reasoning behind their decision. Surely someone in 343 must have thought that this was a horrible idea and that they would receive heavy backlash from their loyal fanbase. It’s either that or they really did intend for all this to abuse our loyalty. I don’t know about you but this is incredibly disrespectful. They know we’ll always come through for them but this is just scumbaggish.

I’d like to have something to work towards at a sensible pace on my own time than this battle pass. Right now there’s no reason to play after reaching Onyx rank and the game is loaded with hackers and aimbotters. The burnout is heavy due to the battle pass and this event was something I was really looking forward to but it turned out to be a huge letdown as we can’t complete it in a week but they plan to stretch it out over 6 months. Not only is it predatory and false advertising but it’s also grindy and the cosmetics aren’t even that good.

The best progression system Halo ever had was with Halo Reach and the worst is definitely Halo Infinite.

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I recommend boycotting the whole system and avoiding spending anything at all costs and even holding off on buying the Campaign now. Usually, when games have these systems put in place it means it’s low quality. I feel like Halo Infinite’s Campaign will be just as disappointing.

Remember, people. Vote with your money.

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The game is free, well we pay for game pass so it costs £10 a month.

The battlepass is in a state and sadly I did pay for it. If it stays like this I wouldn’t bother getting it next time around.

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Free is no excuse for incompetence and and predatory monetization as well as false advertising. Especially for a Halo game! This series has year’s of excellent reputation and loyal fans! This is unacceptable to tarnish it like this!

Honestly at this point I highly highly recommend people don’t spend money on this game.

It’s a shame, ive owned and played every single halo since CE first came out. My childhood is full of memories tied to this franchise……just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse then halo 5, 343 said hold my beer and made it worse. The monetization of this game is straight up criminal. The progression system forces players to spend money to level up and get the customization they want because it’s been made darn near impossible to level up just by playing.

Your voice is your wallets people. I will be on board asking for a full refund as I feel lied too and cheated. This game looks great on the surface but once you get into it, you’ll find that it’s a lemon.

At this point, halo 4 even had better customization, better multiplayer, more balanced gameplay, and it had Spartan ops to unlock armor and progression.

343 you let me down big time and for the last time. Either your fix your game or become the “no mans sky” of FPS.

At this point I’ll go back to playing cyberpunk even with all the bugs, that’s how burned I feel at the current moment

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