Tenrai Event Pass

Just completed all my challenges for the Tenrai Event, which only got me to level 7…how do I continue to level up my event pass if no more weeklies appear? If I only get to level 7 how am I supposed to get to level 30? This is a terrible setup for a special event if I have to keep comping back for weeks to try and level up the event pass…

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Yes, they only released 7 challenges this week for the event. You will have to come back over multiple event weeks and complete those challenges in order to progress through the tenrai event pass.

Trust me, you aren’t the only one who is not pleased with this setup, but I imagine they do this to ensure players will keep coming back and playing each week to unlock the full pass rewards.


You’ll to come back during the designated event weeks to unlock more of the pass. I believe it’ll take about 5 weeks to actually get everything. This event has actually killed my hype for the multiplayer as of now.