TENRAI event only gave 27challenges?!?!?!

Sucks playing Nov 23-29 grinding to only get to lvl 8 in the tenrai event because that was all the challenges that were given complete them all in January just for February to come and can only get 27 lvls?!?! I wasn’t given enough challenges to get to lvl 30 I only came to play for this event since the game has nothing to do or grind challenges are just boring chores anyone else having this problem??

I think the Tenrai event is coming back two more times, so no need to worry about knocking out those last three challenges now. Should be a piece of cake with two whole additional weeks to complete them. :smiley: :+1:

Originally you could only progress up 7 levels. After the first event 343 changed this. It’s now 10 levels per event. Anyone who has maxed out the event pass since the first event is also at level 27 (myself included)

There are 3 more Tenrai events coming (30 more levels).

But I agree, is an awkward point to be at in the pass. I wish it was just done already. Lol

It’s a six week event:

Two quotes from that article:

  1. ‘We are now officially half-way through the Fracture: Tenrai event, which returns to Halo Infinite multiple times throughout Season 1: Heroes of Reach.’
  2. ‘This is the first of six total appearances Fracture: Tenrai will make over the course of Season 1, with its next appearance coming in January 2022.’

In game, there is an ellipsis after the last date, this is supposed to indicate there are more dates (I know it doesn’t). if you select the event, then select ‘Visit Halo Waypoint’ rather than ‘Visit your Free Event Pass’, you’ll be taken to the above news item.

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@LgndryDad you need to start charging for this information. I wish I had your patience :joy:

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