Tenrai Event. Kinda worried people won't be able to get it

So it’s about half a day away till the event drops in weekly reset. Progression has changed only so much that it is still very slow to tier up.

  1. Unless you give us an XP boost, I don’t think anyone will be able to get the armour. Nor its respective armour pieces completely. You can bearly scrape past 10 tiers let alone 30 in a single week.

I haven’t really seen much about the full event and just my impressions of it. So I could just be overreacting and there will be something different for this Pass in comparison to the Season One pass.

But I still think there should be an XP boost. Nuff Sed.

The event will come back several times over the course of Season 1. If you can’t unlock all this week, you have to wait until it’s back. Your progress will be carried over.

I have never seen a progression system so slow. I have to play 20 games to get a level. If I’m lucky, I get a objective BP boost linked to the game mode I play.

I only play ranked so it’s the 4 v 4 mode with various games. It doesn’t matter how good I play, at the end of the game I get 50 xp towards the BP. I struggle to understand how they don’t award xp based on performance. The badges we get at the end of the match should all reward BP xp.

The odd time I have seen a weekly reward that I know I can get, I completely ignore the game objective and try and get the weekly reward for the xp boost but most of my weeklys now are linked to big team battle and I don’t like that mode so I won’t get them.

Really Odd battlepass system.