Tenrai Event Is Terrible

Fix the Tenrai battle pass. Why should I play a special event that gains me ZERO exp towards my Tenrai battle pass? We get around 8 challenges only for the special event and then we have to wait a month until we get to progress it again? How the hell am I supposed to get to lvl30 when I get zero exp for it besides the challenges?



How are you supposed to get to 30 without challenges?

Easy. The answer is obvious.



Isn’t it done by days in a week? You complete the challenges for the day and then wait until the next day to do the next set of challenges.

No, weekly challenges my friend.

Nope. That’s why I’m heated about this. You only get the weekly challenges that they give you for the event and that’s it. Playing the game mode is only for those specific challenges.

343 is so smart. Here’s all of these cool items you can get for free, but you have to return once a month.

3 weeks scheaduled, 7 events per week… 30 ranks to event… Am i missing something?

Id agree but you dont get more progress with money. You can only progress the even with the challenges. Money has no effect on it.

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It’s a little ridiculous to expect people to make time to log into the event on 5 separate months just to complete it…

So much for player friendly and not wanting to be a chore.

Other than the limited number of challenges in the designated weeks, I’m not sure what the negative comments are about with the Tenrai event. The event is 30 levels which are completed by completing the Tenrai specific challenges in Fiesta. Don’t get me wrong…I despise Fiesta with a passion but the challenges are easy and I’ve completed 5/7 in a couple of nights. It hasn’t cost me anything so I’m not sure why all the complaints?

Yea I made this comment before I knew. Chalk it up to being a dum dum.

I mean, it’s bs that the event pass unlocks like 2 shoulders, a helmet & attatchment, and a dagger, none of which is the armour that was actually shown in the promotions.

Oh, and that all that good looking armor they did show off and way more can be found in their overpriced store.

And that the armor has no free coatings besides the HCS one, so everyone will look the same. And if you wanna be plain red or blue it’ll cost you £7 each.

Yeah the event is trash.

The event is supposed to go through the duration of the season it’s featured in. Allowing players to power grind through it in 4 days is counter to its design, which is to keep people playing it while it is active. I’m not a fan of the specific challenges being caught up in the way challenges rotate, but thats part of the larger issue with how challenges currently work.

Regarding what’s in the pass itself, I do agree that there should be at least one more helmet/shoulder set to work towards. The bulk of the advertised stuff ending up in the store doesn’t surprise me, regardless of how much whining is being done to imply that 343i is somehow the only dev that is doing this, this is a “freemium” norm. I will say that the sword belt is way overpriced for a single accessory and some repeat emblems. Most of the things I’ve seen bounce through the store are very par for the course with current FTP games, but that sword belt as a standalone for $15? Nope.

all good no worries just making it known