Tenrai Event is kind of bad

The event feels way more pay to customize than the game was advertised. I remember them saying them something about how they wanted the game to be play to earn, not pay to earn. The free event pass only has thirty tiers with a negligible amount of spartan customization items offered within the pass. Furthermore, the items you can get for the Yoroi armor that are worth getting are locked behind paywalls within the store. Most of the armor items are in the store, when they should be in the pass and not locked behind $$$. I understand they have to make money off the game somehow but this directly goes against the way the game was marketed to players. You want to carry two swords on your Spartamurai’s belt? that’ll be $15. It is kind of infuriating to a player like me.

They also don’t consistently give you event chalenges to complete. I cmpleted the two chalenges I had that were for the event, expecting them to be replaced with upcoming event challenges, only for them to be replaced by heroes of reach weekly challenges. Even when I used the available challenge swaps I had available they did not swap to event challenges. If 343 is going to make it a limited time event they should make it to where you always have ata least one event challenge within your active challenges so you on’t have to scramble to complete regular challenges to get another chance at the event challenges.