Tenrai event goes against your claims of no FOMO

Jesus Christ, if you call it work then don’t -Yoink!- do it. You clearly have a problem if you’re going to compulsively “work for free” to earn the license to display some bytes in your video game probably. Seek help my man. Or just take a step back and reevaluate what’s important to you. There are lots of things in life that are transient, and video game cosmetics are definitely in that category.

Am level 2 on both, no more fracture challenges are available? Am I doing something wrong?

The rest of the store does as well.

If there are weekly and daily bundles that cycle it’s fomo. The player cannot purchase what they want when they want, and there’s no guarantee when/if the items will come back.

I agree 100% Let us complete the battlepass in 1-2 weeks. That way we can go play something else like Fortnite until the next season for Infinite begins


Then you’d be out of a job though

The game hasn’t even launched and ur saying the player base that’s left. Why?

Yep the timegating is extremely unnecessary and cringe.

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Yeah I don’t mind if the fiesta playlist is available on rotation but I feel like the events should just stay until you finish unlocking everything. Or at the very least, it should rotate in with the fiesta playlist on an infinitely repeating schedule so you know every 3 weeks or whatever you can go for it again.

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For those that have hit the daily limit, how long did it take?

Your incentive to play a game should be that the game is fun what is WRONG with gamers anymore?

Because this game’s population has already halved. And this game is pretty much out already, if someone who is remotely interested by it doesn’t know it’s out, they must live under a rock.

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When all the content in the game is focused around buying and grinding cosmetics it makes it hard for the gameplay to shine.

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It does. I just ate the carrot, got my weekly armor coating (it’s quite pretty!) and now… feel the need to play it less. If anything I feel de-incentivized, given it’s 20 matches to level up right now.

Why would I do that?

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