Tenrai Event False Advertisement

In the ingame news bulletin, it states ~ “available for three weeks… there will be plenty of time to unlock the 30 tiers of rewards.” This is simply not true. It seems only 10 event challenges are queued for each weekly lineup, which means that players will have to be present for all three weeks it is active, AND complete ALL challenges available in order to receive full rewards. Please either change the way you are advertising your event or change the way your event works. I have attempted to use challenge resets to obtain another event challenge, but after a few tries I gave up before wasting all my resets.

In general, both of these “events” have been set up very poorly and in an uninteresting manner. I’m sure you’ve already received lots of criticism for your battle pass/challenge system setup. Let me add my voice to the chorus. In regards to gameplay, this is likely the best Halo we have seen. Unfortunately, the customization and progression systems are flaming garbage. If you wish to see people continue to play this game well into the future, I would suggest you fix progression and customization in a huge way.

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They did say that they were going to increase the levels you could achieve, but didn’t mention being able to fully complete it in one go (that makes too much sense). I believe it was in the big developer stream they said it and quite a bit of youtubers covered how it was only going to be 10 levels a week. It sucks that you used some swaps, just shows that they cant even properly inform us about an event.

343 has to make the game last 10 years somehow. They decided to time gate and limit completion in the events. Poor idea, but it seems they dont even have a plan right now. They already made a 3 month Season extend to 6, so I see this being a trend of long drawn out time gates with little content for the foreseeable future.

Hopefully 343 can get it together for once and prove me wrong.
What’s that term… “minimum viable product?”

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I’ve seen several threads mentioning this three weeks thing. Looking at this new article:

If I scroll past the 4th January updates, there’s this:
‘This is the first of six total appearances Fracture: Tenrai will make over the course of Season 1, with its next appearance coming in January 2022.’

Can’t see anything in the 4th January updates that mentions any change to that.

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Yeah the three week thing was before they extended the season. Now it’s going to appear an additional three times

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It’s how you interpret the vagueness, not actually false advertisement.

There are 3 separate weeks this event is available for, which is directly in line with the statement.

3 weeks (even divided up) is ample time to get this event done, if you followed it from the beginning.

Could this have been done better? Absolutely. Is it false advertisement? Absolutely not.