Tenrai event challenge problems

So I’m a completionist, I love to get stuff done right and quick to move on to the next thing. The first week of the tenrai event I was only able to get 7 of the challenges because that is all it gave me. NOW it’s 10 challenges. So when the next event comes out I’ll only get to 27… Like really? I’ll be missing the last 3 for however long. Do you want me to play this game or sit and wait? (I have completed my main battle pass by the way) So basically I have nothing to work towards at all. Even without the event I don’t get anything for the matches I play, my experience just goes poof and disappears. I’m kinda at a loss here overall. By the time you actually put ranks in like 152/Inheritor I will have already gotten there with all of the experience I’m getting now that just disappears. And no I doubt I’ll want to do it again.

343 I have literally tried my darndest to put a smile on for you and Halo Infinite, honestly, but play Halo Infinite please and you tell me how much fun you’re having. And what exactly you have to work towards.

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Looking at this post:
If I scroll down past the 4th January update to the original 23rd November part, I find this:

‘This is the first of six total appearances Fracture: Tenrai will make over the course of Season 1, with its next appearance coming in January 2022’

That kinda just proves my point more, I’ll be waiting. They need to just throw the 30 challenges out there during the Event so people can get it done and there’s no conflict. Maybe I have time during this week’s event and not the next one. Why shouldn’t I be able to grind it out. Either way the game I want to play most has nothing and I mean nothing to work towards.

This event is the fracture for all of season 1. It comes back every single month at the start of the month. You have plenty of time to get the 30 tiers. Relax and wipe your tears bro

If they didn’t split it up how would they entice people back to the game who have already abandoned ship?

Uhm maybe actually add in a rank system that shows how much you play, can you read?

Congratulations you are the densest object on earth.

If you are a completionist you should try to hit Onyx in ranked. Each rank tier gives you a weapon emblem and at Onyx you get a special Recon weapon charm. That would easily keep you busy. Just an Idea. You don’t have to if you don’t want to.

I got 29 of the 30 Tenrai Awards and it is week 6 and I cant get anymore challenges.

It is unfortunate downside to Fractured event; you can only progress 10 levels at a time, and there is no way to even buy more challenges. Seems like a huge oversight for F2P. Of course some players won’t be able to complete it, so they create FOMO for some players and completionist anxiety for others.