Tenrai event challenge completed but did not give reward

i completed the challenge for the tenrai event that wanted me to complete 6 event fiesta matches and when i did i wasnt given the reward, and now i can only get to tier 16 for the event when i should have been able to get to 17, im down a challenge now and would prefer to get my reward, im sure you can see it in my logs. i would really like to seem something done about this, has anyone else experienced this issue?

I am having the same issue. Yesterday I completed 2 event challenges in one game but did not receive event awards for either. Now I’m down to 8 event challenges left and won’t be able to complete the event.

I’ve read here and there that sometimes if you skip the post game screens that show the XP gain and stuff, the rewards don’t unlock :confused:.

I’ve not experienced it yet though

I was having the same problem since I left the game before it finished. The rewards were getting cleared after a delay but the even wasn’t getting progression. I exited the game a returned and the event had leveled up appropriately.