Temprarily banned form earning credits in Halo reach

ok So the title says it all, i just came from bungie.net and someone told me to come here so i’ll post the message that i wrote

Ok so my friend and I played Halo reach last night and awaoke this morning to find that m yaccount (and the console) have been banned from earning credits. Here’s a few reasons why i think it happened
We played 4 games i had a total of 5 kills across these games 1 game i had 0.
My friend had 0 kills in 3 games and a -3 in one.
I have been told if you or your guest peform badly you can get banned which i find to be very unfair, he was still learning how to play it.
Yes he did betray someone, yes we were booted can that get me banned?
Are any of the reasons proper ways that this may have happened. Please can you guys help me find out why i have been banned, it’s quite upsetting for me. If any of you know please help. Also how long is this ban?
Can i please talk to a representative form Bungie or soemone of authority as to why this has happened. I haven’t done anything wrong. I would like to speak to someone, thank you.

Ok sosomeone told me that because my friend peforemed poorly the game assumed he was “AFKing” which for some reason gets me banned. i think bannine people for that is stupid so what if they earn credits? there’s no fun i nearning them if they’re not playing. Also we didn’t AFK just got bad scores. So i ask is there someone here who i can talk to that can confirm why i was banned. This is upsetting me greatly and i’m thinking of never playing Halo again. Please i want someone to help me

The only thing I can say here is that it has been told again and again from the Bungie Weekly before that AFKING will likely get you temporarily ban, along with credit boosting or beeing a bad sport in Halo Reach because you are ruining the other players enjoyment for the game.

And also, 343 Industries runs Halo now


There is a pinned thread dedicated to discussing this issue.