Temporarily Banned!?

I’m lucky enough to where my work is down with letting me play video games while on the clock. Trouble is, I also play when I’m at home, but I use a controller instead of MKB. So today, just a few minutes ago in fact, I launched into a game, but was unable to move. Checked my settings, and behold, it was set to controller. But I can’t change it to MKB from that menu. No no, I’ve got to go back to the main menu to fix that. So I figure I should leave the match rather than AFK for a prolonged period of time, dragging my team down only to get booted out. Well, I fix the settings, go to play a game and I’ve been temporarily banned.

Why is there not an option to change my settings from the menu in-game, rather than the main menu? I shouldn’t be punished because I chose the better road and left the match, rather than AFK because I can’t change my -Yoink!- input settings mid-game. What the hell 343?

This can be very irritating, I get it too sometimes.

I literally had to quit a match the other day because I was messing around with my mouse and keyboard and set that to my preferred device… well the stupid game wouldn’t register any of my movements in game for some unknown reason, everything else registered them. And to make it better it wouldn’t let me use my controller because of the settings that you can’t change for some reason? I was playing Splitgate earlier and they even have that setting and you can actually change it mid match, it’s amazing.

I’ve had the the issue a couple of times. Only thing that fixes it for me is completely turning everything off… it can be a real pain!!

Happened to me once with my connection, I totally get the irritation.