Temporarily banned from earning XP.

I was playing regicide with friends, and I also had a guest playing. The person I was playing with went to do something and was AFC (Away from controller).
Later on (I was playing by myself now) in SWAT - it tells me I have been ‘Temporarily banned from earning XP.’.

I’m not too bothered if it’s temporarily, as something must’ve happened. (XP limit?) But does anyone know how long this lasts?

Thank you.


dude same happend to me i wanna know when it will end

It could range form 24 hours to 1 week. Im not entirely sure anymore as I really haven’t been XP banned.

But, that’s the range. Depending on repeated offenses.

Anyone? :confused:

Edit: This is the first time this has happened.

WOW. I thought I was the only one, exact SAME thing happend to me. I brought a guest into a Regicide game I was playing with friends and later I was playing SWAT and it told me I was temporarily banned. Curious to see when they’ll lift that.

Absolute bull!!! I just finished the monthly challenge of getting 117 wins. It was worth about 17k xp. Because of that i get xp banned? Thought doing challenges was supposed to reward you? Get you heads out of your -Yoink- 343 and fix this!!!

If your guest doesnt have at least 1 kill, it will think that the contoller is afk and youre using it to boost.

Do you get reset? because i got ban for earning xp and im wondering because im nervous about it

you aren’t the only nervous one. i’ve been watching this forum all day since it happened to me hoping id see some encouraging news, but nothing. im guessing 24hrs to a week, crossing my fingers for tomorrow obviously.

same thing lol i made a guest for my guest lol, and they werent there so when i found them i assasonated them. then on a couple games later it said i was temporarily banned… i thought wtf?

ah the old i had a friend on guest and he went away for a while

I found the problem… I think its your guests. Just tell you you want your whole TV…lol (aka dont share)… Good luck with getting your stuff sorted out that sucks. I hate sharing my TV so my hat is of to you guys, but sounds like the guest thing read as cheating.

I think all of us with this similar problem are looking for a “definite” answer of how long until the ban lifts (24hrs/48/1week?), not an “I think”. We’ve all come to the conclusion already that the guests were a major issue in the Regicide gameplay, and that should have been pre regulated by 343 not punishing people around loopholes or guest gameplay. But what’s done is done.

Ok, we won’t use a guest in FFA. Just release our XP cap please so we have something to play for. Id rather play Black Ops 2 (which was a MAJOR letdown unlike Halo4 which was an AMAZING launch) if I’m getting no xp for Halo4.

What bum luck too, already working on Wetwork.

Thank you,
and if you’re listening 343. HELP!

Well… loyal to halo since halo 3 wish i would have known about halo earlier in the end, i am very displeased with what has happened i bring mi guest witch thought was better than me i say “lets play regicide” he gets many deaths less than 10 kills and after another game i cannot earn xp i am angry sad and once again displeased. Please fix this. Good morning.

been banned for useing a guest controller on multiplayer and now i cant earn xp wtf!!!

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-Yoinking!- bull -Yoink- 343 i play halo with my 6yr old and 4 yr old and u ban me from getting xp cuz they dont know how to play this game? -Yoink- u, black ops II and mw3 r still better. This is -Yoinking!- ridiculous… This has happend to me 3x its everytime im working on a challenge and i get close to lvling and my boys play with me…

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