Temporarily banned from earning credits...why


I recently received word from Halo Reach that I was temporarily banned from earning credits. I did not receive any email or confirmation as to why I was banned. A few days before that I had been receiving messages saying that I was quitting games, but never actually did. I called Xbox Live and they helped solve a connectivity problem and since then has been working great no longer receiving any messages. Then, I’m playing live with a friend of mine all night and at the end when we were packing up I got word saying that I can no longer earn credits for the console, my gamer tag and my friends as well. I just would like to know why this is happening and if something else can be going on…? I looked up the ways you can get banned and the only reason which related to me was the connectivity, but I had already had that resolved and had nothing to do with credits.

Could someone please explain to me why I am banned? This is very frustrating especially because I cannot just call someone and have the reasons explained to me. Instead, I have to write in a forum. I would just like to be told why my account is suspended and have it given back to me.

I am NOT a cheater, I play by the rules



Might I suggest this thread?

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