Tempo Championship Driven: Now Recruiting

Before I begin let me give an introduction of myself.

My name is Gabriell and Leader of Tempo. I’ve been playing halo since 2008 (Halo 3) Played in solo tournaments nothing to big as well for Grifball. My greatest ability is the will to win and the will succeed in every aspect I can. I just love to strive for the glory to be the best there is, no matter how long that takes, or where I begin, That destination is always in my sights. But the path is never just a clear narrow road, road nor is it taken alone. That is why I am now starting my Spartan Company: " Tempo Shotz ". For one man is only as good as his team. For one man is othing whithout his team. Teamwork is everything. Teamwork is what win championships.

For the S.C. name represents allot. I will soon be changing my Gamertag and expect all future members to as well. For Tempo Is the flow of music, the rythem of the beat, The rhythm to which the four shots of my BR will land on your head or the rhythm of the coordinated shots it takes to drop each opponent before they even have time to thrust & flee and the only thing left to do is cry to his teamates of his wonders of where he was getting hit from because our teamwork will be just that remarkable.

TEMPO SHOTz is a Spartan Company that only strvies on these key aspects and componets.

• Callouts
• TeamWork at all times
• Positivity
• Will to win and will to always find a way against all odds
• Will to motivate eachother, So aholes and dchbags will not be accepted don’t care how good you are. Not happening
• Being humble is one of the most important characteristics to me and will be a huge factor in your descsion of getting in.
• Being able to play daily but not mandortory , We all have our schedules and responsibilities to take care off
And last and one of the most imporant factors
• The drive to constantly EVOLVE and improve one’s gameplay.
Practice will be mandortory.

Tempo drive is to always win and rank up. So arena and warzone is where we will be dominating. As of right now, Tempo Shotz will only have a max cap of 24 players, So recruting process will be selective one.

I am a die hard Halo Fan. Only game I really play. Ive read the novels, I know almost all the back stories.
Tempo Shotz will not just be a Spartan Company, But a family. Ever just find yourself just bored even when going your hardest? Just becasue it just doesn’t feel like it use to. Missing the good old days of the laughs and enjoying the time will striving to the rank. That’s what Tempo is about. Winning is always the goal but winning just isn’t everything. The road to success is more important to me than the actual title, if you get what im saying. Tempo is for the hardcore halo gamers who love to win but love to have fun doing it at the same time. Who isn’t afraid to take a loss sometimes and come right back harder than ever. A family of good frineds that when your just sitting their in the lobby and you see that one friend get on or when that full team of good frineds get on and you just know its about to be a good night. Becasue when forge comes out, ooooohhhhhhh our we going to have some fun nights. Duck hunt, Halo, Omega journey, Jenga. Yea I named them lol.

Tempo will be a family of warriors and the best -Yoink!- group of players this website has ever seen F what anyone says. Competitions , We’ll be there.

So if you have what it takes and want be join “Tempo”
, Prove it. & Give me your reason why. I’ll be waiting.

  • Tempo Leader Gabriell426