Templar Gaming Spartan Company Recruiting!

'Morning, evening, or afternoon ladies and gentlemen! Sigma here, coming at you with an add for the official Spartan Company for Templar Gaming: Templar Gaming Kappa! If you don’t know what Templar Gaming is, then I suggest you click on the 1st link below to find out! If you want a summary/ the mission of this particular spartan company, I suggest you go down to the 2nd link which is a link to Templar Gaming Kappa’s home page. If you are a Templar, and you know our mission, click it anyways! lol.

We are looking for players who are playing Halo to have fun in an exciting universe, and play against others competitively, but also being relaxed about it. Basically: we’re here to have fun, increase our skills, and try to win.

Hope you guys have an awesome day, and I’ll catch ya on the flipside…or on the battlefield. :wink:

Link #1:
Link #2:
Templar Gaming Kappa