Temp. XP Ban?

343 Industries,

I got a serious question that a lot people have been asking me about and i hope your able to help me out. I have heard from a ton of people that they are getting a temp xp ban in halo 4. Some of these people don’t play online and they just play customs with friends for the fun of it. I run a clan and some of them are receiving it and I’ve been hearing about it from other people. Is their a reason for all these temp bans cause so far I’ve heard from 25 of my friends and they received this notice on May 17, 2013 and May 18, 2013. Some of the people i know in real life and they dont boost for xp or mod or trash talk so im confused. Lots of people are getting frustrated and I’ve heard a ton of people say their going to quit playing the halo series.

343 Industries please help me figure this out.

Still a big halo fan all the way back from halo 2,