Temp bans are not constructive.

Temporary bans are useless. Now, I usually stick games out, but for some reason as of late, I’m being matched with players - some new to the game, others who maybe play casually - that don’t really know/ can’t really play. Like, I’m 41 and 14 while their like 6 and -17. I’ll stick it out sure, but here is where it is annoying: players who are grouped up and keep team killing each other. Don’t even get me started on team action sack. I leave a game because players on my team can’t play- or won’t play- and I get punished? How does that mechanic work? Atop of that, I just quit a match of stickyball because two players on my team just kept killing each other, and I get a ban? For those of you who support the temp ban system, I pray you never have terrible players on your team to have to experience this.

The other thing to add to the collection, if I’m temporarily banned, so is my girlfriends profile so now she cant play either? This needs a hard redesign. If you want to stop quitters, you need to stop matching with certain players. There is no reason why I need to be in a bracket with players with less than 1 hour of gameplay when I have over 50. Poor matchmaking system.

Last but not least, looking through the forums, people are getting temp banned randomly. What a sound mechanic 343.