Temp Ban System Is Complete Trash

The title says it all. Temp ban system is complete trash.

2 games in a row, I got spawned outside of the map. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t bring up the scoreboard, I couldn’t fire or anything. My options were leave, or get kicked for inactivity. So I got kicked for inactivity.

I come back from repairing and verifying the install, and guess what? I’m banned, of course.

Fix this 343. It’s getting ridiculous now.

Screenshot 1: https://i.imgur.com/TIYca5k.png

Screenshot 2: https://i.imgur.com/UALcFvr.png

Give this a shot!


Just 2 games shouldn’t ban you. Sorry mate, but yeah, contact the support team if it happens again.

I played 2 games before that, finished both, and then 2 games in a row within 5 minutes of each other, I got spawned in outside of the map/under the floor somehow. I think it was because I “left” 2 games in a 5 minute period. Cause it basically makes it seam like I searched, found a game, left, and then did it again right away.

Damn. Still, 2 is just way too harsh.

The ban is already lifted, it was obviously a short penalty but still. There should be some kind of detection in place that differentiates network errors and game crashes and bugs from someone actually leaving a game, which requires user input.

The problem is there are ways to manipulate this, the first of which is simply turning off your WiFi or unplugging your ethernet cable.

You could also find a way to force a game crash. As much as I hate to say it, quit penalties must be uniform. There are already many games where you can avoid penalties by simply closing the game without using the in-game leave function, or messing with your internet.

It sucks, but it has to be this way. The obvious and correct solution is for 343 to just fix their game, or allow a rejoin system by allowing your slot to remain open for a few minutes in the event of an actual legitimate disconnect.

The rejoin feature would actually be the better option to uniform penalties. It would actually differentiate people who left intentionally and people who experienced an issue and didn’t leave by choice. Obviously someone who left intentionally wouldn’t rejoin 90% of the time.

Give it X amount of time before just dishing out the standard penalty for leaving, in case it was a crash and the person wants to restart the game and rejoin the match.