Tell us why u made us leave

We can all agree that this game is not even 50% finish and that u gave us and empty game

We have desync the shot registration sucks the 6 month per season with bad updates true the whole season only 2 good ones u gave us was the removal of gio filtering and lowering the prices on the store still u slap it the player who bought the cosmetics at full price and gave them nothing im returd for actually supporting u scam on the prices u could atleast gave them a bonus 20 bucks for getting scam but no . This post is not for the store prices or desync is for something greater that is actually killing ur game.

Congrats for reaching the greater audience and for stabing your loyal fan base
Making the multiplayer free was ur biggest mistake

Yeah in past game we dealt with cheaters like in halo 3 getting lag switched on rank
Getting hostbooted on reach
Mcc halo reach mlg playlist is unplayable for a fact 8 out of 10 your getting ddos out of the game

But in this game is way way worse …
90% of the time u face a wall hacker the other 10% u face both a aimboter and a waller …
And u can report them all you want but the damage is done u still lose the points and they still keep playing the game even when they get banned they just make a new acc and do the same thing all over again …

How do you make this game free but did’nt thought about the anti cheat sistem is mind blowing …

Forget desync forget all of it just make this game playable again u slap us the loyal fan base with this decision forget that i can’t choose my colors just fix this sicknes

#anticheat now