Tell us what to expect in the future

Please just release the roadmap so we know what to expect. Sitting in silence means we have to set our own expectations, which for me are currently:
Season 2:
Ranked FFA, 2v2 Slayer, 4v4 Attrition, 4v4 SWAT playlists.
Social: Infection, Grifball, Team Snipers, FFA Snipers, Snipers and Shottys, King of the Hill.
Co Op Campaign
New Maps

Season 3:
Customs Browser
Service Records
Pre Game Lobbies With Map Veto and Party Up
More Maps
More Modes

My expectations are pretty high. And they are only going to get higher if you dont release a roadmap to set my expectations properly. The longer you stay silent the worse this will get for you.

Your expectations for the next two seasons look like 343i’s 10 year plan at this rate.


LOL, it’s sad though cuz it’s true. I don’t expect this game to get better much in the next year. MCC was a mess and now it’s decent. I expect the same for infinite in a couple of years. I remember H3 was unbearable on MCC.

I’d rather not get overly excited for anything till it actually comes out. Call it playing it safe…

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There’s no roadmap because there’s no content.

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That one thing, that they promised at launch, then delayed the game a year, then delayed season 2 another 3 months? You know? Co-op? It’s not coming with season 2.

The fact they are less than 2 season into their live service model and have already begun making excuses as to why they need to delay based on life vs work reasons means they have no idea how a live service is supposed to work - or what it entails to keep a game current and supported.

This fact alone does not bode well for the future of infinite.

Forge will likely be delayed as co op has been.
Seriously 2 new maps after 6 months is a joke….

It was their decision to move to a live service model. But I don’t think they thought our internally what exactly that would require. It’s not the community’s fault they went that way. Now they need to maintain it.