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My Spartan is basically Fred-104 right down from the name and stature but different and more demonic. He wears the same GEN2 Centurion helmet as his human counterpart in Halo 5 but his whole armor set is recolored to black and red. Deep down inside, he has to battle an increasingly powerful demon that threatens to possess him and turn him into a monster more dangerous than even the Flood. He is otherwise the same Fred as from Halo 5 except he comes from a different timeline where he is also considered the best Spartan despite his increasing inner struggles.

EDIT: He really hates Master Chief and even goes as far as dismissing him as an inferior being.


I’m still waiting for 343 to include my colors, and the CQC shoulder pads, and the CQB helmet that was in all of the promotional content.


Spartan IV
Nickname: “Sapper”
Commissioned Officer
Rank: Major
Expertise: Demolitions and Field Engineering
7’2" (6’3" pre-augmentation)
Home world: Sol-system Luna Colony (birthplace Earth)

A UNSC army veteran of the Human-Covenant Wars, Sapper saw extensive field work in a bomb demolition squadron during the enacting of Winter Contingency on Reach. Prior to military life, Sapper was a graduate of mechanical engineering, but entered the war effort as an officer during its final years due to a growing sense of duty to help fight against the growing Covenant onslaught. He brought with him a mechanical aptitude that aided him in dismantling various plasma bombs and mines fielded by the Covenant during the Battle of Reach. He first was trained on non-MJOLNIR variants of EOD and CBRN equipment, and often wore such equipment into battle.

Sapper was wounded in the Battle of Reach attempting to dismantle a bomb in New Alexandria, and as such he was evacuated from the planet to a hospital on Earth. His recovery period meant he was trapped in a physical rehab center during the climactic Battle of Earth when his remaining squad mates died in action against Brute forces deployed by the Prophet of Regret. Although Sapper eventually recovered from his physical injuries, he was wracked with survivor’s guilt due to not being there with his squad during the Battle of Earth.

Hoping to get back into the field, Sapper was deemed a unique candidate for the diverse mission goals of the Spartan IV program; seeing that surviving alien explosives experts post-war were rare. Finding a new sense of purpose, Sapper returned to duty as a Spartan IV; and after augmentation adopted an EOD MJOLNIR Gen-2 suite of equipment, due to his familiarity with the similar EOD issue equipment in his Army days. In extreme situations were CBRN threats were prominent, Sapper also could don a HAZOP MJOLNIR Gen-2 platform.

Sapper did find the Spartan Branch’s structure so heavily tied to the UNSC Navy to be a culture shock, particularly once deployed on the UNSC Infinity prior to the start of the Requiem campaign. Although normally a respecter of authority, Sapper struggled with the often obtuse and political leadership style of Captain DelRio, and many friends and squad members of the Spartan would later confess to ONI operatives that Sapper often said profanity laced statements about his distrust of DelRio in private. Fortunately, Sapper respected DelRio’s successor Captain Lasky more and ONI files noted a renewed sense of purpose in Sapper following DelRio’s ousting from the Navy. What DelRio lacked in leadership, Sapper found in Lasky and the Infinity’s Spartan IV leader Sarah Palmer. Sapper like many Spartan IV’s was amazed at the recovery of legendary Spartan II Master Chief Petty Officer John 117 and his service alongside Blue Team on the Infinity, and he respected the experience the SII’s deployed on Infinity brought to the Spartan Branch.

During the Requiem campaign and the subsequent return to the planet to fight Jul’Mdama, many of Sapper’s mission profiles were marked as classified by ONI operatives and the Spartan branch, so it is difficult to piece together a clear service record via publicly available sources. However, many rumors and eyewitnesses suggest Sapper may have been deployed during the Infinite’s return to Requiem as a member of the mysterious Fireteam Crimson, aiding the squad in dismantling bombs and other explosive traps.

At the time of the Created uprising Sapper had been stationed in covert operations in the Outer Colonies, investigating a human criminal enterprise which had been forwarding explosive material and weaponry to the Banished. Sapper was fortunately able to reunite with Spartan Command following the Guardian attacks, and was reassigned to bring his military knowledge to the new off-grid Avery Johnson training facility. Despite showing his age, Sapper still can put on an impressive display of tactics and firepower mastery against new Spartan IV recruits at the training facility in the simulated War Games. In particular, Sapper has aided many new SIV recruits in learning the unique uses of various alien weapons recovered from Banished, Promethean and Remnant Covenant groups.

Unfortunately due to equipment shortages, Sapper had to eventually give up his beloved EOD armor so it could be shipped to frontline Spartans onboard the Infinity who were deployed to Zeta Halo. As such Sapper is currently wearing an old Commando armor set, while also sometimes donning a lighter Aviator set for urban training simulations or vehicle ops. It is rumored at the Avery Johnson Academy that Sapper is aiding a team of ONI scientists in examining a “Yoroi” armor of unknown origin that is stored at the facility. He is aided in both his engineering role and instructor role with the help of a CIRQ dumb AI model, finding the AI’s quippy enthusiasm to be a humorous antidote to the dark situation the UNSC has found itself to be in following the rise of both the Created and the Banished.


// Accessing Heavily Classified Material
// ONI Section III Authentication Required…
// Access Granted
// User - Unknown
// File Record - Fireteam Thunder

Name: Alex Clarke
Callsign: Thunder 1-1
Age: 30 (biological) - 21 (physical)
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 10/February/2530
Place of Birth: Earth

Enlistment: 02/April/2548
Spartan Enlistment: 10/March/2555
Service Number: 46203-14104-AC
Rank: Spartan - Fireteam Leader
Unit: UNSC, Spartan Operations, Fireteam Thunder
Status: Active
Specialisation: Direct Action and Demolition

Armour & Equipment:
MC5 Individual Data/Net Terminal

Primary Weapon: BR55 Battle Rifle
Secondary Weapon: M6H2 Tactical Magnum
Melee: M11 Combat Knife
Grenades: M9 Fragmentation Grenades (x2), Flash Grenades (x2)
Other: M168 Demolition Charges (x4)


Name: Dan Bell
Callsign: Thunder 2-1
Age: 29 (biological) - 23 (physical)
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 01/June/2531
Place of Birth: Mars

Enlistment: 10/January/2550
Spartan Enlistment: 10/March/2555
Service Number: 92712-07411-DB
Rank: Spartan
Unit: UNSC, Spartan Operations, Fireteam Thunder
Status: Active
Specialisation: Tactician and Technician

Armour & Equipment:
GEN2 Mk. V
MC5 Individual Data/Net Terminal

Primary Weapon: BR55 Battle Rifle
Secondary Weapon: M6H2 Tactical Magnum
Melee: M11 Combat Knife
Grenades: M9 Fragmentation Grenades (x4)


Name: Ace Hudson
Callsign: Thunder 3-1
Age: 31 (biological) - 24 (physical)
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 20/November/2529
Place of Birth: Reach

Enlistment: 02/December/2548
Spartan Enlistment: 03/January/2556
Service Number: 49001-44925-AH
Rank: Spartan - Fireteam Leader
Unit: UNSC, Spartan Operations, Fireteam Thunder
Status: Active
Specialisation: Medic

Armour & Equipment:
Trauma Kit
Thigh-mounted Soft Case (for Medical Supplies)

Primary Weapon: MA5D ICWS
Secondary Weapon: BR55 Battle Rifle
Melee: M11 Combat Knife


Name: Gerard Faye
Callsign: Thunder 4-1
Age: 30 (biological) - 21 (physical)
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 14/June/2530
Place of Birth: Luna

Enlistment: 02/August/2548
Spartan Enlistment: 29/July/2556
Service Number: 87342-89156-GF
Rank: Spartan
Unit: UNSC, Spartan Operations, Fireteam Thunder
Status: Active
Specialisation: Reconnaissance and Direct Action

Armour & Equipment:
GEN2 Decimator-class Mjolnir
Mjolnir-compatible Ghillie Suit
SRT Universal Global Positioning Device

Primary Weapon: SRS99-S5 AM Sniper Rifle
Secondary Weapon: M6C/SOCOM
Melee: M11 Combat Knife
Grenades: Flash Grenades (x2), Stun Grenades (x2), EMP Grenades (x2)

Fireteam Career:

  • Fireteam Thunder’s candidates are scouted by a Spartan-IV recruiter, [REDACTED]. They all hail from the Elite Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, all serving in the later years of the Human-Covenant War., and although they served in the later years of the War, they all have distinguished combat records.


  • On March 10, Sergeant Clarke and Corporal Bell are approached and formally invited to the Spartan-IV program. They both served on the same ODST team, with the 2 being the only survivors. They accepted, vowing to do it for their fallen teammates.
  • On June 20, the 2 Spartan-IV candidates undergo the Spartan augmentation procedure.


  • On January 03, candidate Ace Hudson is formally invited to the Spartan-IV program. He was out on a mission when Spartan’s Clarke and Bell were invited. He readily accepts.
  • On April 09, Ace Hudson undergoes his Augmentation procedure. He later is informed of his new unit, Fireteam Thunder. He’ll be the Fireteam’s Medic.
  • On July 29, the final member of Fireteam Thunder is approached, and given the opportunity to join the Spartan branch and become a Spartan. Gerard Faye agrees.
  • On August 31, Gerard Faye undergoes his Augmentation Procedure. After getting used to his changed body, he is told about the Fireteam he’ll be joining, Fireteam Thunder. He’ll be the Team’s Sniper and Reconnaissance expert.
  • On September 19, Fireteam Thunder are formally introduced to each other and each given their Mjolnir armour sets. They land at Anvil Station and get accustomed to their Mjolnir armour in the training simulators. Each proving how effective they are at their specialisation.


  • After months of training, Fireteam Thunder is deployed. Their mission is to clear a Covenant occupied Moon that has been giving the UNSC trouble recently. The Fireteam aboard a UNSC Paris-class Frigate, the UNSC Sharp Was The Blade, drop to the surface of the Moon in SOEIVs along with a small team of ODSTs as backup, with one Pilot landing a Pelican at the rendezvous point. Thunder 4-1 takes position up on a ridge, Sniping targets who are positioned up high giving the team bother. Thunder 1-1 plants M168 Demolition Charges at 4 generators positioned across the occupied zone of the Moon. Thunder 2-1 coordinates the forces into key advantageous positions, and Thunder 3-1 takes care of any injuries the Spartans or ODSTs take. After a week of fighting, Thunder 1-1 detonates the charges, rendering the Covenant operations and Moon defences ineffective. The team fallback to the Pelican. During lift off, Thunder 2-1 initiates a low level strike on the remaining Covenant forces from the Sharp Was The Blade before boarding the Frigate again.

  • In October, the Fireteam receive new orders. They are to Infiltrate a small Covenant Fleet assembling above a Moon readying to attack the UNSC Forces on the nearby planet. They are to destroy the flagship by any means necessary which will allow the UNSC Navy to move in and destroy the remaining ships in the Fleet. The Fireteam, using a Longsword, head straight towards the Fleet, with the superb flying skills of Thunder 2-1, they are able to land in the Hangar just as Seraph Fighters are flying out. They then clear the Hangar, closing the Hangar to ensure no ships enter. Thunder 4-1 takes position on a high bridge in the hangar, watching over their exfil craft and keeping the hangar clear of hostiles. The other 3 Spartans make a dash through the ship towards the bridge. They make excellent pace, eventually making it to the control room. A Spec Ops Elite tries to get the drop on them, however Thunder 1-1 using his VISR sees the red outline of the Elite as well as the shimmer of it’s camouflaging. He sprints in it’s direction. slides under the Elite’s energy sword, then quickly jumps up onto it’s back, sticking his Combat Knife into the Elite’s neck, killing it. With the Bridge clear, Thunder 3-1 sets the fusion reactors to blow, and they head back to the Hangar. Once there, Thunder 4-1 drops down from his Sniper position to his team, heading towards their Longsword. Thunder 3-1 asks if he’s okay noticing some blood on his armour. Thunder 4-1 remarks that he just had to introduce some Hingeheads to his Combat Knife, while sitting in the makeshift Sniper perch. Thunder 2-1 opens the hangar bay doors, and they fly away from the Fleet just as a UNSC Fleet starts to engage the remaining ships of the Covenant Fleet.


  • Operation: [REDACTED]
  • In October, the UNSC Sharp Was The Blade loses contact with allied Forces around the Orion Arm. They try to establish contact with any allied planets to understand what’s happening but to no avail.
  • In December, the UNSC Sharp Was the Blade finds a downed UNSC Autumn-class Heavy Cruiser. Fireteam Thunder is deployed to the isolated planet. Once aboard the downed ship, they see numerous dead bodies, some of ship crew, some of military personnel. They try to use ship computers, but none of them seem to work. Thunder 2-1 slices into one of the ship terminals, but when they look, nothing seems to be fried, or destroyed from an explosion. Just as they are about to return, Thunder 4-1 climbing to the top of the ship, notices a small fire and makeshift camp. The Fireteam make their way over to see if any of the camp occupants are survivors. Once there, they see some surviving ODSTs, Marines, Ship crew, and to their surprise some Spartans, but not Spartan-IVs, they also don’t seem to be wearing Mjolnir remarked Thunder 2-1, but the Fireteam had more pressing matters. They got everyone to gather their things and got aboard 2 Pelicans and evacuated back to the UNSC Sharp Was The Blade. Once aboard, the surviving crew told the Captain what they had experienced, an unknown mechanical Forerunner being shot out a pulse, and the Ship suddenly lost all power and fell towards the planet’s surface.


  • In March, Fireteam Thunder encounter the Banished for the first time. When they are deployed to a UNSC base for some supplies, a Covenant ship appears above them, however it did not resemble the Covenant colours they recognised. This ship was maroon and grey. Suddenly Phantoms started flying down, and when the troops dropped, there were Sanghelli and Brutes fighting together. Something Fireteam Thunder hadn’t seen much of since the Great Schism. The Fireteam wasted no time getting to work killing their foes. Once they dealt with 3 more Phantoms worth they took what supplies the Pelican could hold and made their way back to the UNSC Sharp Was The Blade. After speaking with the Captain, the Fireteam was informed that the Banished ship was aware of their presence, and so, the Captain sent the other Spartans who were Spartan-IIIs (unbeknownst to them) to destroy the ship while Fireteam Thunder was on a salvage run. 10minutes later, and the Spartan team’s Pelican arrives. They inform everyone, that they were successful and that they can leave with no issues about the Banished ship. They also said that they recovered intel about this foe they were fighting. That they were former Covenant species who made a new faction called the Banished, and that this faction is made up of ex-Covenant and Mercenaries. This shed some light on at least who they were fighting.


  • With the Created and Banished factions both posing great threats to humanity, the UNSC Sharp Was The Blade and it’s increased Spartan and ODST contingent have to conduct hit and run missions to ensure they don’t get caught out. They also try to meet with UNSC forces where possible, but not for too long to relay intel. This is still ongoing…

//End of File

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I wonder if there are other active Spartans waiting to be found — Myumeii

Name: Myumeii Jones
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eyes Color: Green
Height: 210 centimetres (6 ft 10 in) (with Mjolnir armor)
Weight: 111 kilograms (249 lb) (without armor)
Preference of Weapons: She use a sidekick MK50 and M395 DMR.
Homeworld: Earth
DoB: July 7, 2539
Spartan Generation: IV
Rank: Lieutenant
Spartan Dogtag: S–IV 404 Myumeii Jones
Status: Active and Alive in Zeta Halo
UNSC Branch: NAVLOGCOM(Office of Investigation)

Comments: She is the fastest Spartan of her generation; Recon Specialist Spartan, she is capable of handling herself in the most harsh and harmful situations, when there is no way, she made one.
She was in the “UNCS Mortal Reverie” when it was destroyed.
She used a drop pod to scape before its destruction thus landing in the Installation 07 also known as Zeta Halo.
Her status is Active, she is constantly trying to contact any Spartan around to gather and fight together.

Information: she joined the UNCS when she was 18 years old; as a human she has issues, she can stand fight against multiple enemies surrounding her but after losing multiple times she start to lose initiative and hope thus making her start panic attacks and she starts being dependent on others.
To stay calm in a fight she needs to listen to classical Music, only when she is in her Incapable status. Meanwhile she is listening to music she is destructive.
She is the kind of Spartan than rather giving orders she follows them.
Despite her problems, She is happy as the Spartan she is, she is proud of being a Spartan.


Guys… these are incredible to read, honestly. :clap:t2:


3rd Class Sgt. Michael Perez
Spartan ID: G360
Birthplace: Reach
Background Info: CLASSIFIED BY ONI

Note: Sorry, but I had to do it… to get rid of these insurrectionists and alien bastards… maybe I can tell you the stories when I retire…

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I think I speak for everyone when I say thank you. I actually put a lot of work into every one of my posts. Maybe ~1-2 hours. I just like to create Spartan portfolios


I noticed mate. Including the dates and what your Spartan was doing during that time, honestly so creative. All this forum is lately is everyone arguing and slating 343, really glad I stumbled across this post, it’s what the halo community really is, if I get chance I’m gunna make a profile for my infinite spartan. Think I’ll go down the route of him being some kind of flood cleanser, that could explain why his arms have a fire effect :rofl:


I think a post is needed for my Infinite MP Spartan too. I might give them an ODST background prior to becoming a Spartan-IV. In general, I need to add more Spartan-IVs to my OC list. I currently have 5. 4 are from this post and 1 was on the old Waypoint forum post (which was my reason for creating this one)


Kinda wanted to add a bit to the other spartan I made. Just another idea I was playing around with.

UNSC Power Terminal V4.058117
Get-SrRecord -ID B555B3452Z
//Warning this record requires Secret Lambda Eleven clearance
//user login required
password ********
//access granted
///Error some of this data is corrupted///
//attempting to rebuild//
Service record
Name: Howard Simmons
Fireteam: Fireteam Rattle Snake
Service#: 41896-01236-FH
Gender: Male
MOS: Communications Security
enlistment date: [redacted] 2555
Birth Date: January 4th 2534
Home Colony: Port Jenkins
associations: Enduring Hope crew, Banished Salvage fleet
crew enlistment: [Redacted]
crew rank: NA
MOS: Communications / Security
Weapons of choice: MA5B assault rifle, Commando rifle, Needler, Scavenger rifle.

colony Notes: Colony was destroyed early 2549. Up until then they had avoided detection and had been trying to restore a Phoenix-class colonial support vessel since the UNSC garrison had pulled out 4 years prior. The project was hidden in a subterranean mountain facility just incase the covenant showed. This proved useful as the colony was glassed. Survivors played dead until they finished the ship in [redacted]. The spartan at the time was one of those survivors.

Survivors were unable to make a proper slipspace jump and ended up in [redacted] system, and were caught by banished ships. They were able to bargain for their survival. They would help the banished salvage operation and their excavation site. The Banished in return would not kill the humans and even let them join.
Colonist are trying to recolonize [redacted], they are calling it new Port Jenkins.

Notes: is able to understand Jackal speak, Jiralhanae, and Uggony. Is familiar with banished and UNSC Communications systems. Very meticulous. Though reserved, does seem to enjoy battle greatly and seems to have adopted some brute mannerisms. This can be misconstrued as callousness which causes him to get into conflict with other UNSC members.

Past Deployments
Escape from Port Jenkins
Banished Encounter
Banished Salvage operations
Covenant raid
voyage to UNSC space
Outreach to [redacted] spartan deployment
battle of requiem [spartan deployment]

Escape from Port Jenkins
2550 [redacted]
Phoenix class colonial support vessel UNSC Enduring Hope enters orbit above the glassed surface of Port Jenkins. Covenant patrol Engages the Enduring Hope, colonist make emergency slipspace jump to random coordinates per Cole protocol. The Enduring Hopes slipspace drive is damaged. Crew member Simson’s monitors channels for UNSC chatter.

Banished Encounter
2550 [redacted]
After a week of monitoring, crew mate Simmons picks up a transmission from a Alien ship. It was a design inconsistent with the covenant. We now know this was a banished salvage cutter. Banished boarded the ship, security forces scrambled to meet the boarders. A stand off ensued. Crew mate Simmons and the ship AI (the colonies superintend AI) were able to translate enough to parlay with the boarders.
The colonist join Banished salvage operation. Simmons made the intermediary between colonist and the Banished.

Banished Salvage operations
Banished forces were after forerunner artifacts on [redacted]. Bassus leading the excavation. The Enduring Hope Providing extra Laborers, security, and ship to salvage parts from the debris fields. Simmons continued to act as the communications officer and intermediary for the Enduring hope. Within the year he could understand Uggony and Jiralhanae without translation software.

Simmons is encouraged to challenge others to gain “glory” by two bored Jiralhanae. Simmons Challenged the Unggoy Thrall-Taskmaster. To the surprise of the two bored Jiralhanae, Simmons wins. Duels prove entertaining to Simmons as well. Makes a habit of it and adds several other grunts and two skirmishers to his belt. Also a handful of scars across his chest and one on his left cheek where a skirmishers claw cut it open.

enduring hope scavenges missiles, mac rounds and parts for the Enduring hope. In secret they begin project to repair their slipspace drive and bring the mac gun online. It is justified to Banished chieftain stationed on the enduring hope as being able to be more useful if a fight comes. Banished officer agrees with a laugh.

Covenant raid
2553 [redacted]
Covenant cruiser and corvette enter [redacted] system. Enduring hope now more fortified and reinforced by banished cutter. Enduring hope ordered to engage and board the cruiser. Simmons and the ship board AI intercept communications from the cruiser and corvette. The Enduring hope is able to destroy the corvette and disable the cruiser with banished help. It suffers medium damage. Simmons is selected by Banished officer to be in the boarding party. The boarding party consisted of ten squads each led by brute majors, and one by the chieftain in command of the enduring hope. five humans to each squad with 5 grunts, and 3 skirmishers. Humans using scavenged UNSC rifles and armor, as well as banished weapons. During the boarding action Simmons is able to kill 5 grunts, 5 jackals and (with help 1 elite. Before the end of the boarding action He was able to access the ships main information system, uncovering that the UNSC had won the war and the covenant was in dis array. Simmons take Hurgok as plunder from the raid.

2553 [redacted]
Colonist earn control of the Enduring hope back after helping capture the former covenant cruiser. Colonist begin to repair what they can after the battle, including the Slip space drive. Hurgok instrumental in fixing slip space drive. Simmons begins efforts to negotiate the exit of the colonist.

voyage to UNSC space
2554 [redacted]
Shortly after end of the excavation some of the Colonist choose to stay with banished. Simmons and the remaining crew make slip space jump to [redacted].

December 25th 2554
Simmons spends a week trying to establish communication with the UNSC. ONI picks up ship and sends frigate UNSC Glassed Dagger with spartan III team [redacted] to establish identity and debrief colonist.
Simmons is recruited into ONI section 2 for wealth of knowledge of the banished and various alien languages. the Colony New Port Jenkins is reestablished as former colonists try to revive colony from its glassed remains. ONI Stations Simmons in colony to monitor communications on the outer rim. Agent still works with the old Superintendent AI…well what is left of it.

cannot read attached report

becoming a spartan
With some colonies falling to insurrectionist sympathies section 2 wished to make a select number of colonies apart of a propaganda and recruitment push. Part of that push would be a spartan IV fireteam selected from those colonies. New Port Jenkins being among them. ONI offered Agent Simmons a place on this team. Recommended for his experience with Aliens, communications/slicing skills, as well as his loyalty to the UNSC even as many blame the UNSC for leading the colony defenseless.

outreach to [redacted]
Deployed to various colonies for propaganda and peace keeping operations. ONI section 0 and 1 both protested the creation of the spartan team. So they were under the command of a spartan III named
Simmons performed relatively well, able to help facilitate communication between Aliens and humans. His superintendent AI was also able to help the colony manage it’s logistical systems better.
Spartan Simmons appears to understand fellow human attitudes less. Possible influence from his extensive time in the banished. Seems to have also rubbed of on his fellow squad mate Spartan Adams.

Battle of requiem
Fireteam RattleSnake Reassigned to infinity in perpetration for the second requiem operation. Spartans of Fireteam rattle snake quickly became isolated and looked down on by other spartan teams. Other teams referring to them as Fireteam fuax.

Spartan Simmons Found brawling with a member of fireteam crimson. Did not expect this from him as he is usually not prone to violence.
:addendum this should have been expected he spent 4 years working closely with the banished. Has been properly reprimanded after his time in the brig.

in the UNSC forces initial land grab push Fireteam Rattle snake helped scout potential sites for research bases and possible Strongholds of Jul 'Mdama.

During a recon operation they encountered heavy Forerunner resistance, their fireteam leader became incapacitated by a Forerunner phaeton. Spartan Simmons Killed a number of knights while maintaining contact with their handlers despite the Prometheans attempts to scramble the signal. scrambler at [redacted] destroyed.

When the Covenant launched a surprise attack on the UNSC infinity Fireteam Rattle snake secured hanger 24, repelling both forerunner and covenant forces. After which they reinforced spartan team [redacted] and marines attempting to secure the command deck. In the attack a group of forerunner knight heavies with incinerator cannons nearly breached the deck. Fireteam Rattle snake, and [redacted] were able to repel the knights.
Spartan Simmons displaying a enjoyment of the intense fight, he also seemed disappointed when it ended.
Fireteam Rattle Snake did win respect of other Spartan fireteams.

After Spartan Adams was Injured in the battle aboard the Infinity Fireteam Rattlesnake was deployed to help guard a research base with a ODST squad. With the help of Spartan Simmons the team was able to reactivate the Bases automated defense turrets after Covenant sabotage. Recommend that spartan 4s be deployed more with dumb AI. Spartan Simmons Superintendent AI was instrumental in this as well.
At end of tour Fireteam Rattle snake was reassigned to [redacted] to scout a possible site for a new training ground.

October 27th 2258
Reclamation event, all contact with spartan team lost, last known location [redacted]

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Species: Kig-yar Rhuutian

Gender: male

Name: Rshtaan

Affiliation: Eayn Central Government

Rank: Spec. Ops.

Notes: The sharpshooter known as Rshtaan was born in Lthnak, Rhuutia, during the height of the Covenant’s power. He enlisted in the Covenant army as a sharpshooter and quickly climbed the ranks to become second in command to brute chieftain, Pallus. During the Great Schism he turned on Pallus, after killing him, he stole the Sangheili corvette known as Lance of Vengance, in which he returned home to help rebuild his government through marketplace and mercenary work


Name: Michael
Service tag: G-147
Birthdate: December 17th, 2524 (Age 36)
Homeworld: Casimir, Reach
Affiliation(s): UNSC Navy (formerly), Naval Special Weapons, SPARTAN-III program, UNSC Army (formerly), Spartan Operations
Rank: Commander
Specialty: Marksmanship and assault

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Height: 7’1" (armored), 6’9" (unarmored)
Weight: 990 lbs. (armored), 285 lbs. (unarmored)

Armor core: Mark VI (Gen 3)
Armor color: Black
Visor color: Gold
Helmet: Mark VI
Left shoulder: Mark VI
Right shoulder: Mark VI
Chest: Mark VI
Arms: Mark VI
Gloves: Mark VI
Legs: Mark VI
Boots: Mark VI
Attachments/utilities: N/A

Michael-G147, (birth name, Michael Victor Alvarez) was born on the planet Reach in the city of Casimir on December 17th, 2524. The only thing known about his early life was that he was orphaned around the age of 5, and was enrolled into the Spartan-III program about 2 years later. He was conscripted into Gamma Company, and after excelling in his training, his superiors deemed him more than capable enough to handle his own. And so, he eventually graduated at the age of 13, then began undergoing his augmentation procedures soon after.

Once his body was primed and ready for combat, Michael was given his first set of MJOLNIR powered assault armor. The UNSC was quick to drop him into live missions, wherein he would coordinate assaults with other Spartans, as well as provide sniper support for his allies during high-intensity firefights. He was also deployed on many night ops, mostly to provide reconnaissance and assassinate specific VIP targets. Over the years, he would take on more and more high-profile operations. A notable one in particular, was during the fall of Reach. He fought valiantly against the Covenant during that tragic year, but despite the efforts given by both him and all of those involved, they were ultimately left in vain. Michael however was able to survive the ordeal, and lived to fight another day.

Currently he is still actively serving the UNSC, and now has primary leadership over a sizeable fireteam known as Iblis. With the Banished now proving themselves to be a far bigger threat than anyone had ever realized, it’s up to him, his group of Spartans, as well as every other soldier on the battlefield, to turn the tide of this new war they find themselves in and finish the fight.


Rie’ Faduee




Sanghelios, Keep Fadu


October 21, 2496

Eye color:


Skin color:

Brownish Black


Covenant (prior)


Sangheili Ultra Harness


Enhanced type 52 Focus Rifle
Type 56 Lich ‘Sweetness of Terror’


Rie’ Faduee is very skilled in fighting his opponents from range. He’s also displayed a decent amount of skill in using both active camouflage (when it’s about getting away from the enemy) and in piloting a type 56 Lich…


While Rie’ Faduee excels in using Stealth, he ironically struggles in coming out on top in fist fights. He also has problems in dealing with a lot of stress, which is why he prefers to stay away from the more stressful close quarters combat, using active camouflage to actively avoid it.


Piloting vehicles
Money (especially geks)
Staying back/doing the sniper work
Good deals
Building new weapons


Fist fights
Backstabbing partners
Not well maintained vehicles + machinery
Having to take command


Rie’ Faduee is a rather optimistic and calm individual that can sometimes struggle in conversations and especially small talk. He prefers to just do his job, get the payment and move on. While he’s normally calm, he can get stressed when dealing with close combat encounters…


Rie’ Faduee once served as a Sangheili Ultra in the Covenant days, killing dozens of humans while doing so. He even managed to score a Spartan kill (altough it’s unclear if it was a SII or a SIII). This was also the time where Rie’ Faduee discovered his love for long ranged combat, using a type 50 Beam Rifle to kill targets from the distance. He would continue to serve the Covenant until the Great Schism happened, which is where he decided to abandon his service.

During the blooding years Rie’ Faduee started doing missionary work, accepting every offer he got.
This was also the time period in which he created his personal weapon; A type 52 Focus Rifle upgraded to have an emp effect, capable of disabling every vehicle up to a Wraith at the cost of having a shorter effective range. He took any offers he could get, not caring about the species or organization the offer came from. While this workstyle worked for a time, it would end up putting him in danger. A Human criminal tried to backstab him after he had completed his offer, unfortunately for him Rie’ Faduee reacted fast enough to kill him before being killed himself.

Later in the Post War Era Rie’ Faduee was approached by Atriox who offered him a lot of geks and a Lich if he were to serve in the Banished. While Rie’ Faduee was at first sceptical about accepting the offer because of past events, he ended up still accepting it for the money, getting possession over a Banished Lich which would get the name the ‘Sweetness of Terror’. He would upgrade the Sweetness of Terror in the years to come, making the Lichs energy shielding much more efficient, and doubling it’s damage output at the cost of stealth. He also got command over a small Lance concisting out of one Sangheili Major and five Unggoy Spec Ops to accompany him on his future to come missions.

Rie’ Faduees first task was making allies with a human criminal group on Venezia. He was very distrustful of the group because of of his experience with other human criminals, but he ended up succeeding in his task, gaining an ally for the Banished. It was the Siege of Palghanar where Rie’ Faduee started to gain a lot of notoriety in the Banished. He was responsible for thousands of human casualties using his enhanced type 52 Focus Rifle and the Sweetness of Terror, helping in speeding up the inevitable fall of the colony. Rie’ Faduees last known whereabouts are on Zeta Halo, hunting down human resistance across the ring…


Sorry, I’m late but here’s my Hestia! I hope she’s okay

Name: Hestia McLaren

Service #: S-113


Rank: Chief Petty Officer (CPO)

Call Sign: Ghost

Rating: Lethal

Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED

Location: Zeta Halo

Gender: Female

Description: Pale, dark black-brown hair braided to one side, brown eye (right) white eye (left). Four long scars on her face on the left-hand side and one across the bridge of her nose.

Height: 6ft 9in (out of armour), 7ft (in armour)

Birthplace: New Kona, Eirene

Birth Date: 25th December [YEAR CLASSIFIED]


Performance: S-113 has demonstrated on many occasions why the Covenant fear our so-called “Demons”. Highly proficient at sniping, recon and stealth, Hestia’s skills are almost legendary within the UNSC and beyond. Her grasp of military strategy and problem-solving is also second to none, able to think up quick solutions to strategic problems on the fly. However, due to her duties as a ‘Lone Wolf’ recon in her early career, S-113 has struggled to work well within groups often striking out on her own instead. *

Addendum: as of [DATE REDACTED] it has been noted by higher-ups that because of her placement within Fireteam Cerberus, S-113’s teamwork skills have drastically improved.

Comments: Even as a child in training, Hestia was far more interested in studying more than most. Always the front of the class and the back of the training ground; preferring to converse with Déjà than her fellow candidates. S-113 is taciturn and stoic most of the time, however, she does become cantankerous and combative if feels challenged. Over the years, Hestia has proven to be patient, calm, calculated and even fearless.

During the Battle for Installation 00, Hestia was placed within a fireteam of ODSTs from the 11th MFR/ODST in an attempt to improve her teamwork. Integration was difficult at first (due to the two groups unstable history), but surprisingly over time, the ODSTs have become remarkably protective of her, and her of them. Any recent attempts to relocate Hestia has ended badly, it has been advised by command that they remain together as a unit.

Fireteam Cerberus was last recorded aboard the UNSC Infinity, however, due to the battle above Zeta Halo their current whereabouts is unknown. It is hoped by remaining command that they are stranded somewhere on the ring below and are attempting to regroup with surviving UNSC forces to fight the Banished.

Notes: Avoid prolonged eye contact with S-113, Hestia has severe scarring on the left side of her face from a horrific Covenant attack. Staring makes S-113 self-conscious and has led to combative behaviour towards others if she feels threatened. It is recommended as of [DATE REDACTED] she be subject to regular psych evals to help her PTSD regarding this event.

Conclusion: Hestia S-113 is a highly proficient recon unit, with an exceptional grasp of strategy and stealth. She is a highly dangerous individual and should be treated with caution by both Covenant forces and UNSC. With her improvement in teamwork in recent years, Hestia has made an excellent addition to Fireteam Cerberus.

Spartan’s choice of equipment:

  • SRS99-AM Sniper Rifle
  • M6D Magnum
  • Leg mounted TAC/Model 52 Navy Knife
  • Fragmentation Grenades
  • Green MARK IV MJOLNIR armour core
  • Active Camouflage
  • Lumu Personal Dumb AI

Previous Engagements:

  • Fall of Reach
  • Battle of Installation 00
  • Operation: BLIND FAITH
  • Zeta Halo

Current Operation: CLASSIFIED

Notable Relations: Grew up alongside S-117 and Blue Team, knows Spartan Palmer, Captain Lasky and Doctor Halsey.

Service Commendations: Hestia has been awarded several medals and commendations, most notably:

• Reach Campaign Medal

• Earth Defence Medal

• Human-Covenant War Service Medal

• Purple Heart

UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: CLASSIFIED

Letters of recommendation from current commander: “We can’t count the number of times Hestia has saved us, and we, her. She may have been born a Spartan, but she will die an ODST! Oorah!!”-Lance Corporal Thomas Green, Fireteam Cerberus.




//SERPENT clearance required

//Input_Password [*********]

//Access Denied


// Access Granted

Basic Information

Name: Ayden

Spartan ID: A495

Rank: Commander of [REDACTED]

Enlistment: 2530

Class: Spartan-III

Unit: Fireteam Serpent, (ERROR)

Specialization: Precision weapons

Training Facility: N/A

Biological Age: [REDACTED]

Physical Age: [REDACTED]


Homeworld: Reach

Heritage: American

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Race: Human

Height: 6’ft

Weight: 110Ibs

Blood Type: [REDACTED]

Physical Conditions:

-Presthetic right arm, explosion.

Mental conditions:



Personality: He has an explosive personality to him. He lives to brighten other people’s day. Is a person who will become a good friend and protect you with his own life if neseccary. He loves flair though, and is a “great” driver.

Physical attributes:

Eyes: Deep Red

Skintone: White, almost no tan

Skin Texture: Soft

Tattoos: Tribal Skull on the neck, Cross of Crusader sword and energy blade on back.

Haircut: Bed spiked upwards

Hair Color: Dirty Blond

Physical deformities: N/A

Accent: Varies, no I will not explain.

Vocality: Teaching, but in the game on field

Armor Schematics:

Helmet: Operator helmet Gen 3

L. Shoulder: Sniper

R. Shoulder: None

Chestplate: Knife

Utility: Winter Tactical Case

Wrist: Tac Pad

Knees: N/A

Visor: Bruce

Armor core: Mark VII

Paint scheme:

Primary: Metal Deep Red

Secondary: Black

Tertiary: Silver (Knees, Shoulders, etc…)


Primary: BR45

Secondary: Striker Sidekick

Heavy: Bullshot S7 Sniper

Melee: 12" Double sided knife

Grenades: N/A


  • Spartan-A495 was described as being highly proficient in Hunter/Stealth operations next to a few other areas of expertise he occasionally reverts to. He goes to prove that not all S-IIIs are dead or having trouble with their mental state. Typically Ayden runs with Fireteams as a Lieutenant, but will lone wolf operations given the chance to cut chatter and focus on the mission. However, he relishes forging bonds with other spartans/soldiers as he learned the importance of being able to fight as a unit instead of as one. Even though he slums it out solo, he come back without a scratch.


This is me and my spartan combined, or at least how I pictured it to be.

Career Overview: The Battle and Fall of Reach, Left hand of the Duel, Fireteam Serpent

Biography: TBC


Name: Zach
Rank: Sergeant
Service #: A511
Gender: M
Birthplace: Gladsheim, Harvest, Epsilon Indi
Birth Date: [REDACTED]

Enlistment Date: 27-DEC-2532
Location: Camp Currahee, Zeta Doradus IV (“Onyx”), Zeta Doradus
Primary Military Specialization: 0311
Secondary Military Specialization: 0261
Years of Active Duty: 27 (XX-XXX-2532 - XX-XXX-2559)
Service Commendations:
UNSC UEG Defense Medal, UNSC Good Conduct Medal, UNSC Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, UNSC Joint Service Commendation Medal, UNSC Human-Covenant War Campaign Medal, UNSC Human-Covenant War Campaign Medal (Expeditionary), UNSC Forerunner Conflict Campaign Medal, UNSC Created Conflict Campaign Medal, UNSC Humaintarian Assistance Medal.
Letters of Recommendation:
Letter of Commendation, [REDACTED] XX-XXX-2539

Proficiency/Conduct: 4.5/5.0, 4.0/5.0
SPARTAN S-A511 (Said name SPARTAN, or SNS, for this period of proficiency review) exhibits mastery of UNSC weapons, platforms, and equipment, consistent with the high level of training and experience expected of a senior SPARTAN operator. SNS exhibits near mastery of Covenant (and related participant races) weapons, platforms, and equipment consistent with the high level of training and experience expected of a senior SPARTAN operator. SNS exhibits proficiency in Forerunner and experimental weapons, platforms, and equipment, inconsistent with the high level of training and experience expected of a senior SPARTAN operator. SNS will continue to improve exppertise in Forerunner and experimental weapons, platforms, and equipment.

SPARTAN S-A511 (Said name SPARTAN, or SNS, for this period of conduct review) exhibits behavior in keeping with the Uniform Code of Military Justice of the United Nations Space Command, and the laws of the United Earth Government. SNS conforms to all expectations and regulations, as consistent with the high level of training and experience expected of a senior SPARTAN operator. SNS displays some disregard for minor UCMJ regulations such as the groooming standard, and has been counseled by his section Commander regarding strict adherence to regulation at all times, including extended field operations.

Operational History
XX-NOV-2536: ALPHA CO//BETA-5 DIV//NAVSPECWAR Basic Training Completed.
XX-XXX-2537: ALPHA CO//BETA-5 DIV//NAVSPECWAR, Operation [REDACTED], Insurrection on Mamore.
XX-XXX-2537: ALPHA CO//BETA-5 DIV//NAVSPECWAR, Operation IRON GREAVE, Battle of Constantinople.
XX-XXX-2537: ALPHA CO//BETA-5 DIV//NAVSPECWAR, Operation HWACHA, Bonanza Asteroid Belt.
XX-XXX-2537: ALPHA CO//BETA-5 DIV//NAVSPECWAR, Operation [REDACTED], Far-Gone Colony Platforms.
XX-XXX-2537: HEADHUNTERS (BINARY)//BETA-5 DIV//NAVSPECWAR, Operation [REDACTED], Siege of the Atlas Moons, Atlas, [UNKNOWN].
XX-JUL-2537: BETA CO//BETA-5 DIV//NAVSPECWAR, SNS assigned TDS to BETA CO Instructor billet, Camp Currahee, Zeta Doradus IV (“Onyx”), Zeta Doradus, prior to Operation PROMETHEUS .
XX-XXX-2542: HEADHUNTERS (BINARY)//BETA-5 DIV//NAVSPECWAR, Operation [REDACTED], Battle of Alluvion, Alluvion, Bhaakto.
XX-XXX-2545: HEADHUNTERS (BINARY)//BETA-5 DIV//NAVSPECWAR, Operation [REDACTED], Battle of Actium, Actium, [UNKNOWN].
XX-XXX-2546: HEADHUNTERS (BINARY)//BETA-5 DIV//NAVSPECWAR, Operation [REDACTED], Battle of Sargesso, Belisk, Sargesso, [UNKNOWN].
XX-XXX-2546: HEADHUNTERS (BINARY)//BETA-5 DIV//NAVSPECWAR, Operation [REDACTED], Battle of New Llanelli, New Llanelli, [UNKNOWN].
XX-XXX-2548-XX-XXX-2551: HEADHUNTERS//BETA-5 DIV//NAVSPECWAR, Operation [REDACTED], Battle of Meridian, Meridian, Hestia V, Hestia.
XX-XXX-2552: HEADHUNTERS (BINARY)//BETA-5 DIV//NAVSPECWAR, Operation [REDACTED], Battle of Sigma Octanus IV, Sigma Octanus.
24-JUL-2552:HEADHUNTERS (BINARY)//BETA-5 DIV//NAVSPECWAR, Operation [REDACTED], Casbah City, Tribute, Epsilon Eridani.
XX-AUG-2552: HEADHUNTERS (BINARY)//BETA-5 DIV//NAVSPECWAR, Operation [REDACTED], Battle of New Jerusalem, New Jerusalem, Cygnus.
XX-XXX-2554: HEADHUNTERS (LONEWOLF)//DELTA-6 DIV//NAVSPECWAR, Operation [REDACTED], prosecting Insurrectionist targets, Mindoro, Cascade, [UNKNOWN].
XX-XXX-2554: HEADHUNTERS (LONEWOLF)//DELTA-6 DIV//NAVSPECWAR, Operation [REDACTED], prosecting Insurrectionist targets, Terceira, [UNKNOWN].
XX-XXX-2554: HEADHUNTERS (LONEWOLF)//DELTA-6 DIV//NAVSPECWAR, Operation [REDACTED], prosecting Insurrectionist targets, Vitalyevna III, Sverdlovsk.
XX-XXX-2554: SPARTAN DET//SPARTAN OPERATIONS, First Battle of Requiem, UNSC Infinity, Requiem, [UNKNOWN].

Spartan’s choice of equipment:
Mk. I Semi-Powered Infiltration (SPI) Armor.
M9 HEDP Grenade (x2)
M11 Combat knife

MJOLNIR GEN 1 Mk. V [R] UA/HUL Recon Helmet
MJOLNIR GEN 1 Mk. V [R] Recon Pauldrons
MJOLNIR GEN 1 Mk. V [R] Tactical/Recon Cuirass
MJONIR GEN 1 Mk. V Greaves
MJOLNIR GEN 1 Mk. V Tactical/UGPS for the SRT Universal Global Positioning System Device
MJOLNIR GEN 1 Mk. V Tactical Soft Case.
M9 HEDP Grenade (x2)
M11 Combat knife

MJOLNIR GEN 1 Mk. VI/R Pauldrons
MJOLNIR GEN 1 Mk. VI/R Cuirass
MJONIR GEN 1 Mk. VI Greaves
M9 HEDP Grenade (x2)
M11 Combat knife

MJOLNIR GEN 2 Mk. VI [R] Helmet
MJOLNIR GEN 2 Mk. VI [R] Pauldrons
MJOLNIR GEN 2 Mk. VI [R] Cuirass
MJOLNIR GEN 2 Mk. VI Greaves
M9 HEDP Grenade (x2)
M11 Combat knife

M9 HEDP Grenade (x2)
M11 Combat knife


S-A511 (Said name SPARTAN, or SNS, for this period of evaluation) is reflected in a robust service record jacket, even by SPARTAN standards. No history of psychological or behavioral issues. Despite an evidently dependable operational history, SNS has begun to demonstrate minor negative stress responses to include cynicism, apathy, and mild sociopathy (particularly with non SPARTAN personnel and especially towards non UNSC military personnel) not inconsistent with SPARTAN operators post Human-Covenant War. Initial assessment believed negative stress responses to stem from extreme operational tempo was revised per PSYCH SPEC secondary assesment (Attached). Relevant data has been included for cross-reference in this report.

“… exhibited negative stress behaviors were expected to manifest as decreased combat efficency in long term operations against emergent threats, as indicated by initial instances during protracted Forerunner hostility post Requiem, culminating in the advent of the ‘Created’ crisis. However, protracted counterinsurgency operations against ex-Covenant remnants, and Banished threat (ex-Covenant in ideology and heirarchy, but largely adopting Human-Covenant War tactics) has not exacerbated S-A511’s negative stress behaviors, but rather largely minimized them. In response to a familiar adversary and threat level, SNS exhibits a counterintuitive response documented within other iterations of the SPARTAN program as increased focus, determination, and proficiency. [REDACTED] records from S-II candidates corroborate…”

“… demonstrates observable responsibility for more junior S-IV SPARTAN personnel. S-A511 innately mentors junior SPARTAN operators, resulting in a force multiplier effect on tactical situations. Previous experience as a Fireteam Leader has evidently resulted in a small unit leadership style conducive for preparing second and third generation S-IV personnel. SNS may be…”

Based on successive assessment results, recommend placing S-A511 in a Fireteam Leader position. For maximum benefit, pair/team second and third generation S-IV personnel with SNS for extended insurgency operations against ex-Covenant/Banished forces.

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I actually like the militia background for an S-IV more than I thought I would, it works pretty well. The MASH 4077 hooch distilling is a nice added touch.


Name: [Redacted but nicknamed Ken by ONI Censors]

Service Number: 09214-07034-KE

Birthdate: [Redacted]

Place of Birth: [Redacted but believed to be United Republic of North America, Earth]

Enlistment Date: [Redacted]

Rank: Spartan

Branch: Spartan Operations

Current Stationing: Avery J. Johnson Academy of Military Science

Performance: Decent in General Combat and Operational planning. Preferance to operational planning.

Background: Most of their civilian and service record prior to becoming a Spartan has been redacted. However, what is known is that they joined the Spartan-IV Program strictly (if not, entirely) under an anonymous ONI Officer’s recommendation. Rumors speculate they were only recommended for ONI to have more active Spartans in their pockets.


So, I’ve recently went through and came up with a back story for my Spartan and the likely direction we will go based off Season 2 information.

Spartan Zach Skyes is a former ODST of the 65th Shock Troops Division’s 103rd Battalion. Joining the Marine Corps late into the Covenant War, Skyes first combat experience was during the Earth Sustained Defense Campaign, where he fought in the Battle of Mombasa, the Third Battle of Mombasa, and the Outbreak on Earth. After the war, Skyes was mainly deployed in black operations in the J-O Zone as part of Alpha-Six’s Fireteam Sparrow. In 2556, Skyes’ unit was deployed into the J-O Zone as part of an operation to eliminate New Colonial Alliance Captain James Moore, with Skyes leading the assault team, Fireteam Sparrrow. The mission was a success, but he lost two of the ODSTs under his command during their exfil. In 2559, Skyes was recruited into the seventh class of the SPARTAN-IV program under the recommendation of his commanding officer. Originally, sent to Laconia Station to be trained, Skyes and several other Spartan trainees were forced to relocate to the Avery J. Johnson Academy of Military Science, where they would continue training under the guidance of Spartan Commander Laurette Agryna, after the roque AI Leonidas destroyed the station under orders from Cortana. Due to his prior experience of leading a fireteam, Skyes was put in command of Eagle Team consisting of himself, Kean Noble, Mike Buckner, and Rhys Jenkins. Currently, Skyes is being considered for placement in the Headhunter program.

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