Tell Us about YOUR Spartan/Elite

This was a rather popular forum post back on the old Waypoint, and considering we have many new people joining the Halo Community, I wanted to put it out there!!

So tell us about your OC Spartan/Elite.

I’ll post mine at a later date, but at current, I want to see what you guys come up with!!

You can format it any way you’d like, and you can have it however long or short you want. Have fun writing!! :slight_smile:




//CINCONI clearance required

//Input_Password [**********]

//Access Denied


// Access Granted

Basic Information

Name: Diesel

Spartan ID: A395

Rank: Chief Warrant Officer

Enlistment: 2531

Class: Spartan-III

Unit: Beta-5 Division, ONI, Alpha Company, UNSC

Specialization: Commando/Sapper

Training Facility: Camp Currahee, Onyx

Biological Age: 37 (By 2560), 27 (By 2552)

Physical Age: 20

DOB: May 1st, 2525

Homeworld: Jericho VII

Heritage: German-American

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Race: Human

Height: 7’ft 8"

Weight: 398 lbs

Blood Type: AB-

Physical Conditions:

-Congenital Analgesia, he has a nulled nervous system due to augmentation. Making him feel little to no pain.

-Radial Prosthetic limb, he lost his forearm in a duel with a sword wielding Sangheili SpecOps. The elite paying a higher price than the spartan did

Mental conditions:



-Bi-polar (Medicated)

-Depression (Medicated)

-ADHD (Medicated)

Personality: Well spoken and open-minded, Diesel rarely held back what he thought about another. Occasionally he bit his tongue, and firmly reminded himself not everyone cares to hear about it and kept his thoughts to himself. He could also be firm and harsh when necessity calls for it. Although that is hardly the case when almost everyone serving beside him is a marine that’s afraid to get on his bad side.

Physical attributes:

Eyes: Violet

Skintone: Tanned, Kissed by the sun

Skin Texture: Firm and taught

Tattoos: He sports a few sangheili based sleeve tattoos on his left arm, depicting ancient sangheili culture (As of 2554 anyway). He has his spartan number on his right pectoral and a UNSC Eagle beneath that holding arrows in its talons.

Haircut: Urban Ranger

Hair Color: Black

Physical deformities: None noted

Accent: a slight southern German accent can be heard, but it’s predominantly American.

Vocality: Firm at times, but also moderate and controlled

Armor Schematics:

Helmet: Commando w./ UA/FC-I[2] upgrade

L. Shoulder: Grenadier

R. Shoulder: Grenadier

Chestplate: Collar/Breacher [R]

Utility: Tactical/Softcase

Wrist: Tactical/UGPS

Knees: Grenadier

Visor: Black

Armor core: Mark V Gen. 1 (Reach pattern)

Paint scheme:

Primary: Orange

Secondary: Silver

Tertiary: Black (Knees, Shoulders, etc…)


Primary: MA37 AR/M90 CAWS

Secondary: M6G/M6D Magnum

Heavy: M41 RL/M247H HMG

Melee: 16" bladed Bowie Knife

Grenades: x4 M9 Frag Grenades, x2 EMP grenades, and x2 Shaped Charges


  • Spartan-A395 was described as being highly proficient in commando, assault, and sapper operations next to a few other areas of expertise he occasionally reverts to. He goes to prove what a mix of Spartan-II training from Kirk-051 and specialized training from ONI can create. Typically Diesel runs with Fireteams as a Commander, but will lone wolf operations given the chance to cut chatter and focus on the mission. However, he relishes forging bonds with other spartans/soldiers as he learned the importance of being able to fight as a unit instead of as one. Even though he slums it out solo, he knows he always has his back covered when he fights in a team after losing 2 prior to 2550.


  • CWO Diesel continues to prove his usefulness as an invaluable asset to ONI Highcom with his display of tactical planning, sabotage of enemy pylons and vehicles, destruction of Covenant and Insurrection outposts and infiltration. He became the tip of ONI’s spear momentarily before being transferred to the UNSC navy.
  • Would recommend him for more black ink operations in the future and a promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

Career Overview:


  • Battle of Mamore: Diesel was deployed alongside Alpha company to help quell Insurrectionist forces and to assist in other operations before being pulled by ONI from the company.

-Re-deployed in 2539 to Kholo: He was there to witness the battle as he delved into ONI facilities around the globe on a 3 week timed scale to destroy things the Covenant could use or recover anything useful for the UNSC if he could carry it.


-Operation Jolly Roger: Disguised as a crippled Covenant vessel, Fireteam Sunbreaker was tasked with infiltrating a Covenant capital ship and capturing a high ranking officer. Such as a Commander or a Shipmaster. The end goal was to drag him off the ship and destroy the vessel, wiping everything out, though of course, no one could have expected that a human ship would show up to investigate too. The Marathon-class Destroyer engaged the CCS class vessel, sending a MAC round crashing into the advanced shields. Of course, this gave the team ample opportunity to board the ship after they commandeered a Phantom that was sent to the derelict vessel they were on.

Slipping the Shipmaster in Unconsciousness was the difficult part of the mission as he was considered to be a brute at 9 feet tall for a sangheili. Upon returning, it was considered a UNSC victory as the Marathon-class ripped the CCS apart when they disabled the shields. Only two spartans were confirmed to be KIA.


-Battle of 18 Skorpii: Diesel was deployed mid battle to 18 Skorpii to extract as many ONI and UNSC officials as possible alongside any civilians that were left behind. Out of , only 10 UNSC marine and ODST officers escaped with 1 ONI Agent and 250 civilians. A Few known UNSC vessels were moderately and Heavily damaged. Covenant ships were destroyed, unfortunately not by Diesel

-Battle of Psi Serpentis: <Classified, Data not found>


-Operation Morningstar: Sent to Infiltrate a Covenant Refinery behind enemy lines, Diesel ended up destroying the entire depot and a few Covenant pylons to uncover a Covenant prison. Opting to leave the prison alone, Diesel reported his findings to ONI via a prototype Quantum communications relay aboard the UNSC Valorous Eagle, a Marathon Destroyer. He would be behind enemy lines until 2552, disrupting trade lines when he could and alien operations.


-Operation DARKSTAR: The prison Diesel found planetside was sent off-planet when it was filled with both alien and human prisoners. All of the humans having been brought in for an unknown purpose. Infiltration was easy as he had used a commandeered Spirit with fresh command codes to sneak aboard, sticking to the shadows as he moved through the station.

He learned why the station had been sent off world as he snuck through the Prison. It was a mobile research prison, used for experimenting on POWs and making viruses, unfortunately it resulted in many deaths. Both Human and Alien. Diesel had to act fast, releasing human and alien prisoners alike since there was no option to only release a few, sabotaging the station and setting people free. Aliens possibly dangerous to the Covenant and reclaiming UNSC soldiers. Returning home was no simple task as he HAD to destroy the station. Resulting in a UNSC victory


-The Fall of Reach: Present for the destruction of the S-II “Homeworld” and the bastion of humanity’s frontier. Diesel and Fireteam Sunbreaker were sent planetside to secure a city on the opposite side of the globe, setting up AA guns and evacuating civilians upon the declaration of the Winter Contingency by SpecWar/group three. The days passed quickly, turning into weeks and then months as he went where he could help once the city was empty. Once he was sure he couldn’t do much more, he withdrew and pulled out of Reach. Having only met Noble team on the occasions between their missions and uniting with his Alpha company brothers once more, albeit temporarily joining as Noble 7 for a few black ops covered up by ONI censors.

-Battle of New Jerusalem: Sent to the Cygnus System on orders from CINCONI, Diesel was to extract as many men and women from the losing battle as he could. Losing a few Colonels and ODSTs along the way as well as the rest of his Fireteam in an effort to halt the Covenant war machines assault on the planet. UNSC losses numbered high on the scale, while no doubt it was a bare minimum for the Covenant. He mourned that day for his spartan family, and the others lost that day.

-First Battle of Earth: Present for the Prophet of Regrets arrival, Diesel was soon deployed via SOEIV Drop Pod to the Surface near New Mombasa’s central plaza. He would also see the Slipspace event in person when brutes turned on their sangheili allies. He was in disbelief as he watched the space elevator collapse on the city, destroying buildings in the wake. No doubt killing both humans and aliens alike.

-Second Battle for Earth: <Classified Information under Section III X-ray’s Directive>



Species: Sangheili
Gender: Male
Armor: Pilot (Halo 3 armor)

Name: 'Timolee

That’s 'bout it! :crossed_swords:


Yo Timothy love your animations XP it’s Cam :wink:

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I mean I have several, but I shall go over my main 7 again

Robin B216, daughter of a couple of doctors who helped as refugee doctors, following where refugees flowed, and just so happened to be in the Jericho System when Robin was Born and in the Jericho System again when they died. Robin was stuck on world when the Covenant started slaughtering people, being saved by LTCOL Lev Kamen’s troops as they retook the refugee camp with Bronze Team. She was one of the first collected into Beta Company though due to her immediate action when the UNSC arrived, stabbing a grunt unexpectedly in the eye using a scalpel and from the Unggoy freaking out, she killed them while cutting a major artery in the head. Once in the Spartan III Beta Company, she was deemed suitable through skill and drive and became an ONI Infiltration agent for her first several years before being transfered to Echo Team and would lead it by Reach before her fireteam with marines that went with joined a Covenant insurrectionist force that trusted humanity and as a sign of good will stuck with them as they wouldn’t let ONI or the UNSC in major forces stay in their system.

Clint 112 meanwhile, he was one of the original Spartan IIs, being apart of Red Team in the original two team training and would become friends with a young Jorge 052 as they were both the sort of odd ones out of most of the Spartan IIs. During augmentation Clint 112 was put into a coma and shown he was clearly still alive and would be put in stasis, being planned for Red Team for if he were to wake up while Jerome’s team was still in active service. When Clint finally awoke though, it was in the mid 2530s, so he was shuffled around before being set as the sort of mentoring leader of Echo team. His story wouldn’t change much from there until Robin joined followed by the rest of the roster of Echo Team to where he would simply become Echo 2 and follow Robin’s lead from a cautious stance as he would find a different way to make himself useful.

Alice 661, Spartan II Class II is very overlooked and all we know is that Halsey left the project and that there are 3 candidates, one dead, one MIA, and one never entered. Alice would have been apart of that original tiny roster of around 60, but the project lead after Halsey expanded the pool, believeing alll Spartan 1.1s should be apart of the pool, adding around 70 children amongst others beyond Halsey’s Genepool requirements having a cap of 1000 (-150 for Class 1) in the pool but doing three groups of around 250, with the third group being those who the project lead thought were most likely to succeed with only 150 members in its pooling. Alice was someone smart though, figuring out that groupings 1 and 2 were to further expirements using data gathered about the Covenant, exposing the project only when it was too late, with Class II being the last class of Spartan IIs due to the malpractice without Halsey. Alice though was someone rather temperamental, with her time before Echo Team being mostly sedation and stasus as she was someone rather independent and due to her rebelious streak was seen as a problem but still being a valuable asset as they were at war and she was a successful Spartan. When she joined Echo Team though, she bonded with Robin B216, being about the same age as her, and her more “Insane” tendencies died down outside of combat as she finally had someone to balance herself out. When she and the rest of Echo team joined the Followers of Fied at Catillus, she unofficially became the second as her tactics in mind worked best for the enviroment of Catillus, being trusted by the Sangheili as a sort of middle ground between their culture and the humans who came from the battle of Reach with them.

Forge A221, the sniper and overall scout of Echo team, Forge was a former headhunter before his anxiety riddled panic attacks deemed him a liability on these more covert missions, but due to his skillset of stealth he was transfered to Echo team being a Spartan III team for infiltration. As for his past he was simply the son of a single dad who was a local singer in his home town on Harvest, with his dad being lost in the first attack of Harvest and he barely made the age out bracket of Spartan III Alpha company, being mediocre almost all around except his aim and genes, being just barely scraping by everytime.

Ares B011, the last member of Echo Team, he was a close quarters fighter, so much so that the hotheaded Spartan ended up trying to use a shotgun on Drones and ended up being taken to a hive created in the sewers of a city on Reach and was eaten alive. His past is not very interesting though as he was just another orphan of the Covenant who was wanting revenge and ended up matching the gene profile of Dr. Halsey’s choice.

Telos 'Vincatai on the other hand, was a Kaidon on the colony of Catillus, being the Kaidon of the keep of Catil which legends say the keep was one of the exiled of ancient Sangheilios, being either the keep of the Original Arbiter or a member of the Swords that followed. As for 'Vincatai himself, he was someone who served in the most recent Unggoy Rebellion before the Human-Covenant war, and was of retiring age when the war came, being in his 60s but was kept around due to a protoge of his, using his old contacts, being a few other colonial keeps and one tribe of Brutes, and with that he formed the Followers of Fied, a sort of shadow hand that was minor in the light of the great journey, with operations usually being small with very few members in the recovered footage of their raids. He was also someone fairly respected among his people, but was still off putting to some others from his more empathetic nature, never gaining too big of a following, just keeping a few tied to keep his people together, to go against a Covenant he knew was in its twilight. He sacrified himself at Reach though so his people could escape with his traitorship being seen as a minor inconvienece as Catillus was already a colony very out of the loop so once the war was over, plans would be made to take it back.

Luro 'Varcatee, Another member of the Keep of Catil, and current Kaidon of it, he was named Kaidon after taking down the proxy ruler of Pyris 'Secatai and even before had a streak of more wrath than most Sangheili. 'Varcatee was young when the war started, seeing the killing of those not fighting back as dishonourable, starting a mutiny on his ship, killing the highest ranking officers and covering up the affair before they made contact back with their primary fleet leaders, He barely made it through, going to 'Vincatai and the two started the Followers and would be the brains to keep the situation low as to not catch wind of groups like the Silent Shadow. As a Kaidon though, he is someone very observant, noticing how ONI acted during the war and even a little after, believing keeping humanity and the rest of Sangheili culture at arms legnth for the time being to be the best bet, making Catillus into a sort of Refugee spot as it was a grey area with the surrounding colonies counting under the same banner as those in Catillus, a neutral party in the galaxy while its constantly at war.

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Name: Jester
Service #: 33215-11305-AJ
Unit: UNSC, Spartan-IV, Fireteam Crossbow
Primary Military Specialization: Sniper, reconnaissance
Spartan Branch Enlistment Date: 2554
Location: UNSC strident Victory Lap (formally called the Forward Venture)
Gender: male
Birthplace: Earth
Birth year: 2526

Past engagements:

  • Battle of Reach: New Alexandrea

  • Invasion of Earth: Battle of Cleveland


Becoming a Spartan:

  • served as a member of the Marines as a sniper during battle of Draetheus V. During a fatal ambush by covenant forces, CPL Jester’s company suffered heavy casualties. After unsuccessful attempts to contact other UNSC forces for aid, it was decided the wounded soldiers would be transported through a mountain pass to the nearest UNSC base. Jester was left one of eleven members of their team that could still fight. These eleven volunteered to hold off the incoming covenant and prevent them from entering the pass. The small group of survivors held out in the dense forest at the base of the mountain. The Marines utilized the clay-rich sand and the fluids of local plant life, which allowed them to mask their scent from jackals, to create a unique yellow and purple camouflage. As hours passed, the seemingly endless waves of covenant forces whittled away at their already deminished numbers. By the time the skirmish ended, CPL Jester and LCPL Frost were all that remained of the survivors. The two marines would be rescued by Spartan Palmer and UNSC armored forces, who had successfully rendezvoused with the convoy of wounded marines. following their rescue, they aided in capturing covenant landing zones.

  • Following the battle, CPL Jester was awarded for his bravery and was promptly requested to report for Spartan augmentation along with LCPL Frost.

  • Following the augmentation, Spartan Jester would be assigned to Fireteam Crossbow.

Fireteam Crossbow:

  • With Fireteam Crossbow, Jester took part in various engagements against the Servants of the Abiding Truth

  • Took part in raids against Kig-Yar pirates


Followers of the Undying Will:

  • Crossbow was deployed to Yarrow-IV, during which they located a missing squad of marines that had lost communications with UNSC air and ground forces. the spartans aided the marines in defending their camp from covenant attackers. when they pursued the fleeing covenant forces, Crossbow stumbled upon a large, half buried forerunner structure. the spartans explored the site and recorded the details of their finding. while they were planet-side, contact was lost with the UNSC Infinity, which was away investigating a supposed forerunner planet. Fireteam Crossbow and two other spartan teams were relocated to the UNSC Forward Venture and UNSC Musketeer.

  • Spartan Jester, with Fireteam Crossbow, participated in a join-force campaign with a Swords of Sanghelios task force to hunt down and eliminate Mal 'Vale, the leader of the Followers of the Undying Will, a covenant remnant splinter group that has been growing at an alarming rate.

  • After some time, the warlord was tracked to several several planets before being cornered at the planet: Dulce.

  • On Dulce, Jester discovered a cloaked covenant camp and anti-air emplacement. after clearing the weapon emplacement, it was found that Mal’ Vale was there only an hour earlier. Crossbow was called to aid in the defense of North Forge City, during which, the spartans were unintentionally separated. during this time, Jester took part in efforts to protect the remaining evacuation ships that had not already been destroyed by covenant bombardment. following their re-grouping, Crossbow defended an elephant convoy carrying Wounded Marines and a captured minor prophet. during the battle, Mal’ Vale was located at a mountain range several miles south-east of North Forge City.

  • Mal’ Vale was found at a forerunner structure, similar to the one found on Yarrow-IV. Crossbow and Fireteam Giant lead the siege on the complex. inside the structure, Spartan Frost was killed by the covenant leader. Jester critically wounded Mal’ Vale, but failed to eliminate him due to covenant air support. before the spartans could be extracted, a banshee strike left Spartan Young comatose. Jester carried his unconscious teammate to the pelican.

  • As Jester tended to his wounded teammate at the pelican, the other members of Crossbow and Giant hunted down and eliminated the warlord once and for all


  • The fireteams return to the Infinity

  • At this time, the second tour of Requiem was already underway. Jester and the other members Crossbow had returned to the UNSC Infinity, where they were granted a temporary rest. however, their rest was interrupted when the Infinity was invaded by covenant and promethean forces. unarmored, Jester with Crossbow had to fight their way to the spartan armor bay.

Current assignment:

  • Jester and his team are working to recover UNSC survivors on Zeta Halo while avoiding the attention of the Banished.

Comments : Jester is best known for his impressive accuracy over extreme distances. Jester has been noted as being somewhat witty and optimistic, and greatly boosts the morale of those he serves with. works best with a team. due to former occupation, Jester works well with marine and other non-spartan personnel. Given his marine background and the events on Draetheus V, he is highly protective of non-spartan personnel and will put himself in the way of danger to ensure the safety of those around him.

Choice of equipment : SRS99-S5 AM sniper rifle, M395 DMR, BR85HB battle rifle, M6H Magnum, MA5D w/ Longshot Sight and Long Barrel, VK78 Commando, active camouflage, mud and flora as a natural camouflage.


Gen-2: (as shown in profile image)
helmet: Athlon
Visor: Blue
Armor: Athlon (modified with Soft Case pouches)
Utility: Tactical/Soft Cases on both thighs
colors: sand yellow primary with two purple stripes painted on right arm

helmet: Enigma
Visor: Purple
Armor: Mark VII (modified with Soft Case pouches)
Shoulders: UA/VELIUS
Utility: Tactical/Soft Case
Knees: UA/Type RG
colors: sand yellow

Notable relations : Spartan Frost, Fireteam Crossbow, members of Fireteam Giant, UNSC AI Doric, Swords of Sanghelios.

Letters of Recommendation from previous commander : SgtMaj Grace, Commander Palmer

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Uh, I go pew pew. That’s about it.

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I’m an Elite that goes wort.


UNSC Power Terminal V4.058117
Get-SrRecord -ID G123B3452R
//Warning this record requires Secret Lambda Eleven clearance
//user login required
password ********
//access granted
///Error some of this data is corrupted///
//attempting to rebuild//
Service record
Name: William S Adams
Fireteam: Fireteam Rattle Snake
Service#: 41776-09396-FG
Gender: Male
MOS: Infantry, Recon
enlistment date: July 3rd 2555
Birth Date: September 24th 2533
Home Colony: New Gloucester
associations: New Gloucester Militia
Militia enlistment: September 24th 2548
Militia rank: sergeant
MOS: Infantry, Recon
colony Notes: Most find it strange he has been in service since 15, this is due to a policy the colony has that all able bodied colonist must serve in the Militia.
the Colonies founding and development was privately funded before the Insurrection. They were separatist who instead of rebelling just left what was at the time known space. We believed them to be dead until Spartans found mention of it in after action reports from a raid on a insurrectionist stronghold. They did not aid or join the insurrection and were attacked. the constant attacks is the reason for the militia policy. UNSC did not reach out due to the war with the covenant. early 2554 UNSC ships sent to this colony as apart of a colony outreach program, Headed by Section 2, arrived . Program goal is to reestablish relations with any human colonies that survived the war. The colony was receptive to these efforts.

Notes: Has experience with legacy equipment. ODST helmet, mark V shoulders. Prefers MA37 rifle or DMR. M90 Shotgun for close range. Has difficulty with more advanced equipment of UNSC due to the relatively luddite upbringing in the colony.

Past Deployments
Battle of New Gloucester (militia action)
Battle of new Wethersfield (militia action)
Defense of Outpost Haven (militia action)
outreach to Redacted (Spartan Deployment)
Battle of requiem (Spartan deployment)

November 2nd 2553
Covenant patrol corvette detects repurposed colony ship. Then deployed 2 phantoms to new Gloucester colony to investigate. Covenant forces initially successful killing all on duty Militia members in their capitals arsenal. Minuteman protocol instated(FULL mobilization of militia in the colony). Adams was apart of a platoon defending a local arsenal. During the engagement the militia members used obsolete MA series rifles and colony made weapons. They tried to overcome the technological difference with a ambush and entrenched positions, but the covenant ambushed them at night with active camo. Disoriented and fighting for their lives Adams successfully organized remaining militia members and mounted a defense inside the arsenal. While rallying the other members he personally took out 3 cloaked grunts. Using the faint light coming off of the covenant plasma weapons they then ambushed the covenant forces. half way through the night reinforcements arrived to aid the remaining militia members. Using one of the colonies tacticals they eliminated the remaining covenant forces. The second phantom having been eliminated in a battle in the capital city.
militia forces reported no more incursion. ONI thinks this is because of the corvette being called back to high charity. dates line up with battle of installation 05.
Adams promoted to sergeant after engagement.

1 January- Kig-Yar pirates attack township of new Wethersfield. Adams and his squad deployed with 2 platoons to evacuate and defend the town. during the evacuation a firefight ensued as the Kig-yar pushed the militia forces back. Adams sustained wounds from Kig-yar sharpshooter fire while returning fire from cover. A needle rifle pierced his shoulder. Though he continued to fight after receiving first aid, He was eventually taken to field hospital by his squad mates. Militia forces eventually pushed the kig-yar back.

10 April
after establishment of outpost haven, UNSC forces fell under attack from insurgents. The insurgent force almost overran the base. The militia deployed to reinforce UNSC marines. Two days of intense fighting followed. During the battle:
conducted recon of base perimeter
Adams and his squad helped retake the outer perimeter of the outpost.
his squad successfully assisted in escorting wounded UNSC marines from the battle zone with on site spartan.
successfully contested a enemy landing zone and with a UNSC rocket launcher took out a insurgent pelican. This allowed for a militia falcon to land to evac the wounded.

With some colonies falling to insurrectionist sympathies section 2 wished to make a select number of colonies apart of a propaganda and recruitment push. Part of that push would be a spartan IV fireteam selected from those colonies. New Gloucester being among them. After passing the selection tests the militia set up, he was recommended by the onsite spartan team at outpost haven. in December He was sent to [Redacted] for training.

Deployed to various colonies for propaganda and peace keeping operations. ONI section 0 and 1 both protested the creation of the spartan team. So they were under the command of a spartan III named [redacted].
Adams performed relatively well in this capacity, being able to relate better to the colonist and helped build a better image for the UNSC and spartan program.
During the teams time on [redacted] he helped a colony integrate a small group of Unggoy. Eventually befriending one. Does not seem to hold particular hatred towards aliens, sees the covenant same as any other group that might threaten his home.

Fireteam RattleSnake Reassigned to infinity in perpetration for the second requiem operation. Spartans of Fireteam rattle snake quickly became isolated and looked down on by other spartan teams. Other teams referring to them as Fireteam fuax.

In a ill-conceived attempt to gain some acceptance Spartan Adams attempted to brew beer for a small group of ODST and other Spartans. His family runs a brewery and is very familiar with the process. still unclear how he acquired the grains and hops. was officially reprimanded and punished.

in the UNSC forces initial land grab push Fireteam Rattle snake helped scout potential sites for research bases and possible Strongholds of Jul 'Mdama.
During a recon operation they encountered heavy Forerunner resistance, their fireteam leader became incapacitated by a Forerunner phaeton. Adams rallied the team and the team secured [redacted], repelling the attackers and making it to the extraction zone.

When the Covenant launched a surprise attack on the UNSC infinity Fireteam Rattle snake secured hanger 24, repelling both forerunner and covenant forces. After which they reinforced spartan team [redacted] and marines attempting to secure the command deck. In the attack a group of forerunner knight heavies with incinerator cannons nearly breached the deck. Fireteam Rattle snake, and [redacted] were able to repel the knights.
Though Spartan Adams suffered the lose of his hand and forearm from a incinerator cannon blast.

Spartan Adams was unable to participate in further missions. Though He and Fireteam Rattle Snake did win respect of other Spartan fireteams.

At end of tour Fireteam Rattle snake was reassigned to [redacted] to scout a possible site for a new training ground.

October 27th 2258
Reclamation event, all contact with spartan team lost, last known location [redacted]

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I already wrote about my spartan (see “Jester” (post #7)) but I decided I also wanted to make one for the whole team

Unit: UNSC Spartan Fireteam Crossbow


Alex-A265, Spartan III, CQB and Fireteam Leader
Franklin, Spartan IV, technician and alien technologies expert
Young, Spartan IV, Heavy weapons and demolitions
Jester, Spartan IV, Recon and Sniper

Primary Military Specialization: Joined-force operations, defensive operations, offensive operations, reconnaissance, asset retrieval, target elimination

Team Formation Date: 2554

Location: UNSC strident “Victory Lap” (formally named “Forward Venture”)

History and Performance:

  • 2555: Initial Assignments

  • protecting colony resettlement efforts and combatting jackal pirates

  • 2556:

  • Combatting the forces of the Servant of the Abiding Truth

  • 2557:

  • Fireteam Crossbow is deployed to the planet, Yarrow-IV. Here they took part in multiple reconnaissance missions, search and destroy missions, as well as helping to locate a missing squad of marines. During this time, Fireteam Crossbow discovered a massive forerunner structure that was being excavated by a covenant remnant faction known as the Followers of the Undying Will.

  • The assignment was cut short due to loss of contact with the UNSC Infinity (disappeared while investigating a signal from a forerunner planet) and Crossbow was recalled and swiftly reassigned to the UNSC Forward Venture.

  • Joined-force operation:

  • Fireteam Crossbow partnered with Fireteam Giant and a Swords of Sanghelios task force in a campaign against the sangheili warlord, Mal ‘Vale, leader of the Followers of the Undying Will.

  • Crossbow participated in strikes across the galaxy against the Followers.

  • The Followers of the Undying Will suddenly disappeared. Some at ONI speculate that they fled outside the galaxy. However, activity on the edge of Keepers of the One Freedom territory suggests the Followers may have tried to hide out among the Keepers, leading to clashes between the two covenant factions.

  • Invasion of Dulce: January-February 2558

  • Re-emergence of Followers of the Undying Will, Followers forces have drastically increased

  • Followers forces launch an invasion of the planet, Dulce, in search of a forerunner device that is capable of through slip-space ruptures.

  • In orbit, the Follower’s flagship is crippled by the UNSC fleet, leaving it vulnerable. Crossbow and Swords of Sanghelios forces board the flagship in order to capture Mal ‘Vale. They did not find the warlord on the ship as he was already planet-side, searching for the forerunner artifact. However, to the teams surprise, they found a surviving minor prophet. The prophet had been influencing the Followers through Mal ‘Vale’s second in command, Ves ‘Razumee.

  • The capture of the prophet created a split in the Followers forces.

  • Loyalist Followers joined with Mal ‘Vale in scouring the planet for the forerunner device, while those who had sworn themselves to Ves ‘Razumee began vengeful assaults on the planet’s urban settlements in an attempt to reclaim the prophet.

  • Crossbow was called in to aid in the defense of North Forge City. However, the spartans were unintentionally separated when their pelican was shot down. During this time, Jester and Young took part in efforts to protect evacuation ships, Alex-A265 and some ODSTs located and destroyed Followers signal jamming towers throughout the city, and Franklin assisted in search and rescue efforts to find civilians trapped behind enemy lines. Following their re-grouping, Crossbow defended a convoy carrying the captured prophet and wounded soldiers as it made its way to a safe extraction zone.

  • Mal’ Vale was located at a mountain range several miles south-east of North Forge City. a Forerunner structure, similar to the one found on Yarrow-IV, had been excavated, and the warlord was already inside. Fireteams Crossbow and Giant lead the siege on the complex. Inside, the spartans fight to stop the the device from being activated. During the battle, Mal ‘Vale is critically wounded, but at a cost, as a Spartan of Fireteam Giant was killed and Spartan Young of Crossbow was left comatose by a banshee strike. The remaining spartans were able to catch back up with Mal ‘vale as he tried to escape and eliminated him. (Forward Venture is renamed Victory Lap following it’s crew’s actions during the battle)

  • Return to Infinity: February 2558

  • Fireteam Crossbow returns to the UNSC Infinity, which at this time was in it’s second tour of Requiem

  • Crossbow was granted temporary rest. However, this rest was interrupted when the Infinity was invaded by covenant and promethean forces. In the midst of the conflict, Young awoke from her coma. unarmored Crossbow had to fight their way to the S-deck armor bay. After reacquiring their armor, they fought to secure S-deck.

Current Operation:

  • Currently, the Team is tasked with the recovery of surviving UNSC forces on Zeta Halo while avoiding the attention of the Banished.


The team works well together. Due to most of the team being Spartan-IVs, they work well with and are respectful of non-spartan personnel. However, they prefer not to work with ONI and generally dislike working with ONI field agents on assignments due to past grievances.

Notable relations: members of Fireteam Giant, UNSC AI Doric, Swords of Sanghelios, Captain Mullen of the UNSC Victory Lap

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// Accessing Heavily Classified Material
// ONI Section III Authentication Required…
// Access Granted
// User - Unknown
// File Record - Spartan-A115

Age: 35 (biological) - 27 (physical)
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 28/February/2525
Place of Birth: Northern Ireland, Europe, Earth

Conscription: 02/November/2531
Rank: Chief Petty Officer
Unit: UNSC Navy, Naval Special Weapons, Spartan-III program, Fireteam Lightning
Status: // System Error // Status Unknown
Specialisation: Reconnaissance and Direct Action

Armour & Equipment:
GEN1 Mk V[B] Mjolnir Armour (black)

  • Mk.V[B] UA Helmet
  • FJ Para Shoulder Pauldrons
  • FJ Para Knee Guards
  • Patrol Chestplate Kit
  • Wrist-Mounted Tacpad
  • Thigh-Mounted Trauma Kit
  • Evade Armour Module

Primary Weapon: MA37 ICWS
Secondary: M45 Tactical Shotgun
Melee: M11 Combat Knife
Grenades: M9 Fragmentation Grenades (x4)


  • In March, Spartan-A115 was pulled from the mainline of Alpha Company. He was talented and was recognised to serve a higher purpose than be lead on suicide missions, which were the proposed Alpha Company missions. For the remainder of the year, he would continue training.


  • In February, just short of one year after being pulled out of the mainline Alpha Company, Spartan-A115’s training was complete. He was augmented the week after his training had completed and he was put into a 3 man Fireteam, with CPO Spartan-A124 and CPO Spartan-A133
  • In April, Fireteam Lightning were deployed on their first mission. They neutralised all Covenant Forces, and the area was secured. A 6 man team of highly trained ODSTs were stationed at the base [REDACTED] .


  • In February, Fireteam Lightning were tasked with a mission close by the Bonanza Asteroid Belt, in close proximity to Alpha Company, due to the Fireteam not knowing the Company would be present, they assisted discretely, not wishing to reveal their presence to the Company of Spartans, before being redirected to fall back as the Company had things under control.
  • In November Fireteam Lightning were alerted to Covenant attempting a counterattack at base [REDACTED] where the ODSTs holding the base requested assistance. Fireteam Lightning were the closest force that could assist. They successfully repelled the oncoming attack by reconning the inbound force prior to engaging.


  • During the Battle of Kholo, Fireteam Lightning were initially being transported to Kholo in an attempt to turn the tide of the Battle for the UNSC, however, by the time the Cruiser was in the System, Kholo was lost and was getting glassed, so the Cruiser quickly jumped out of system before it was detected by the Covenant ships.
  • In August, Fireteam Lightning along with a Platoon of ODSTs were hot dropped onto a Covenant held moon. The mission was a success with minimal casualties.




  • In July, Fireteam Lightning assisted in the recovery of Covenant Artifacts during Operation: Guardian Lance by defeating Covenant targets in the area allowing for the safe retrieval of the items left behind by the previously occupied areas.




  • In June, Fireteam Lightning aboard a Frigate return to the last known position of Admiral Cole, using Booster Frames, they search the area but only find remnants of Ships, both UNSC and Covenant in origin, however notably more Covenant parts. They conclude that he sacrificed himself in service of the UNSC and Humanity.


  • In May, while on a standard deep space reconnaissance mission, Fireteam Lightning come across a Covenant occupied Moon. They request reinforcements and once they arrive, will rush the Covenant and board the CCS-class battlecruiser while Marines and ODSTs will assault the ground troops, with later interference from the Spartan Fireteam. The following month, the UNSC reinforcements arrived aboard a UNSC Valiant-class super-heavy Cruiser.



  • In early September, Fireteam Lightning was requested by ONI to recon the planet for a mission that would be carried out later that month. ODSTs under Captain Veronica Dare would be dropped in behind enemy lines.


  • Fireteam Lightning is deployed to Meridian to repel the Covenant attackers, they succeed in clearing the whole area for the UNSC to land it’s forces and establish a forward operating base.


  • As Covenant forces drew closer and closer to the inner colonies, Fireteam Lightning were recalled from Meridian and provided additional training. They needed to be in their best form and fight to their last breath. The Covenant were getting closer and closer to annihilating humanity.


  • In November, Fireteam Lightning surveyed several Covenant outposts just to notice they had seemingly been raided by this faction made up of other Covenant members. They were informed that this faction was led by a Brute known as Atriox. Helmet Cam footage was captured by an ODST who was killed by Atriox at a UNSC Armory earlier this year.


  • In November, Fireteam Lightning get upgraded from the Mk. IV[B] Mjolnir armour to the Mk. V[B] Mjolnir platform. They get their suits upgraded with different components and attachments to suit their needs.


  • On April, Fireteam Lightning are present at Fumirole, they provide reconnaissance of the amassing Covenant Forces, taking out certain targets discretely before falling back before they get detected.
  • In July, Fireteam Lightning are deployed to the surface of Sigma Octanus IV, alongside a platoon of ODSTs, dropping feet first. They clear a sector allowing Pelicans loaded up with Marines and Warthogs in tow to land, and provide a FOB.
  • During the team’s return back to Earth, before they head in to slipspace, their ship comes underattack and is borded by Covenant invaders, they repel as much Covenant as they can, but they are unable to stop them. The team used a Class-5 Lifeboat to escape the destruction of the ship, crashing on an uninhabited Moon. Seeing no other choice, the team went into Cryosleep for 6 years.


  • A UNSC investigation team learnt the last known position of Fireteam Lightning, and they arrived in the system where they were last known to be. The Fireteam’s lifeboat was found, and they were awoken from Cryo. They were then taken aboard the UNSC Frigate and informed on the state of the Galaxy and what happened. They were contacted by their handler and informed that Installation-05 was in need of Spartans on the ground to handle the containment, and Covenant splinter-factions trying to take control of the ring in order to light it. They are informed about what Halo rings are, and after hearing the threat, they accept. They also ask for a contingent of ODSTs to be deployed with them to assist in this assignment.


  • [UPDATE] Contact with Fireteam Lightning has been lost for 2 years. Long range communication relays have been knocked out Galaxy-wide by Cortana’s Guardians. Last known location of Fireteam Lightning is on Installation-05. Their status along with the contingent of ODSTs is unknown, likely alive considering their skills and proficiency.

“Spartan-A115 is a highly proficient Spartan whose skills rival some of the best Spartans in the UNSC. He’s incredibly skilled in both CQC hand-to-hand combat against both Elites and Brutes as well as even being able to stand off against Covenant heavy armour columns. Both of his parents were in service with the UNSC Marine Corps, and when we heard about what happened to them, we knew Spartan-A115 would be a great candidate for the Spartan-III program. This Spartan held a great hatred for the Covenant, and it really boosted his combat efficiency. Being the handler of Spartan-A115, Spartan-A124 , and Spartan-A133 has brought me great pride. They have been able to inspire hope in the UNSC and the soldiers they fight alongside. I only hope they can once again if we are able to make contact with the team.”

My Spartan was an ODST of the 65th Shock Troopers Division before being recruited into the eighth class of Spartan-IVs in 2560 after being handpicked by Spartan Commander Laurette Agryna herself. That’s all I have at the moment since we don’t really know too much about our multiplayer Spartan just yet.