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Background History:


Name: Cova 'Lhar

Faction: Empire of Sangheilios (EOS)

Unit: Fleet Master of Fleet of Extinction

Specialization: Leadership, Provider, Assassination

Current location: Higherok - (Mobile Fortress) - Perimeter

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Salumina

Birth date: 2536

Intel on Performance: Cova conquered up to 9 worlds, has caused 5,000,553,129 casualties, & obtained 3 Forerunner Vessels.

Choice of Equipment: Energy Sword, Needle Rifle, & Active Camo

Background History:

Quotes: “You may know my present, but do you know of my past? And will you accept my future?”

Name: Vel 'Moramee

Height: 8’2

Weight: 155 kg (340 lb)

Unit: Delta squad (two spartan 4’s and two elites)

Specialization: Tracking and Assassinations

Current location: Infinity

Gender: Male

Birthplace: State of Vadam

Birth date: 9/5/2531

Intel on Performance: Cause 3+ casualties

Choice of Equipment: Energy Sword, MA5D ICWS Assault Rifle, and Active Camo

Background History: Younger brother of Ripe 'Moramee

Quotes: “Swag isn’t always on the outside, but sometimes the inside.”

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> Quotes: “Swag isn’t always on the outside, but sometimes the inside.”

I laughed at this.

I laughed way too much at this.

Name: Balthazar
Faction: Covenant

Unit: Fleet Master Of Fleet Faithful Riot

Specialization: Sword Combat, Leadership, Tactical Operations

Current Location: Sanghelios

Gender: Male

BirthPlace: Ontom

Birthdate: July 10, 2519

Intel on Performance: conquered over 15 world, Has cause 56,857,967,684 casualties, and killed an Arbiter

Choice of Equipment: Dual Royal Green Energy Swords, Dual Plasma Rifles, Active Camo, Blood of Saban Carbine

Background History: [Unknown]

Quote: " The death you deserve is the death of a warrior"

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