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So this post is asking you to describe your Marine/ODST in depth, I kinda did one about Spartans or Elites (if you want to check it out it’s called “Tell us about YOUR Spartan/Elite", I’d link it if I had permission to use links). When creating that I forgot about you Marines and especially ODSTs out there who fearlessly jump feet first into hell, which is entirely different so I’m creating this topic.

So tell us all about your ODST it can be crazy in-depth or just a few lines. If you’d like a format, I’ll give a template to use.

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:

Enlistment Date:
Service Number: (#####-#####-AA) - the #'s representing numbers so just fill those in randomly and the AA representing your character’s initials

Armour & Equipment:
This section is for the body armour and equipment/gear your character uses.

This section is for the weapons your character uses

(This section can be used to span across many years and different battles and can be structured entirely how you want but this is also a template and not necessary)

(This section can be notes that superiors have made on the soldiers actions and battles etc)

So yeah, that’s a little quick template I thought of for those who want to partake in this topic and don’t really know where to start. Again, this template is completely optional, and you can add onto it too if you think that’s more beneficial for you. I’ll eventually create a few of these myself.

With that being said, enjoy!! :slight_smile:

//Accessing File//
//94201-06431-AF File Accessed//

Name: Alex “Deadeye” Faye
Age: 30 (biological) - 26 (physical)
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 28/February/2530
Place of Birth: Ireland, Europe, Earth

Enlistment Date: 10/March/2548
Service Number: 94201-06431-AF
Rank: Gunnery Sergeant
Unit: UNSC Marine Corps, 105th Shock Troops Division, 7th Shock Troops Battalion, Echo-2
Status: Active
Specialisation: CQC and Long Range Engagement and Reconnaissance

Armour & Equipment:
Standard ODST BDU

  • Waist-mounted grenade belt
  • Thigh-mounted ammo pouches
  • Shin strapped ammo pouches

Primary Weapon: SRS99D-S2 AM Sniper Rifle
Secondary Weapon: BR55 Battle Rifle
Tertiary Weapon: Thigh-mounted M6C/SOCOM
Melee: Combat Knife
Grenades: M9 Fragmentation Grenades (x3), Stun Grenade (x3)


  • In late 2548 after extensive months of training Deadeye and his platoon of Marines were deployed to Meridian. It would be here that Deadeye would proof his efficiency at reconnaissance and engaging targets at long range. He would continue his efforts on the surface of the planet until his unit was pulled back in mid-2550. Meridian was a lost cause at that point and the UNSC was cutting it’s losses. Once back on the ship, Deadeye was given the opportunity to join the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers for his outstanding combat prowess demonstrated on the surface of Meridian. He accepted.


  • In January, after arriving at Reach, Deadeye was extensively trained for the next 8 months, testing his limits and exceeding them, making him one of the best ODSTs the instructors had ever seen. After his graduation, and acceptance into the ODSTs, he and his squad found themselves to be apart of the 7th Shock Troops Battalion. They were reassigned to the In Amber Clad.


  • On 20th October, soldiers from the 7th Battalion, including Echo-2 were deployed across Mombasa, to push to Regret’s Carrier. Echo-2 was later picked up after Regret started to flee the city. They were brought onboard via Pelican.
  • On 2nd November, Echo-2 were hot dropped as part of First Platoon to clear an LZ, they were successful in assisting Master Chief Petty Officer 117 in doing this, and remained behind, to keep it clear for further UNSC forces. Echo-2 and other ODSTs from First Platoon would remain here fighting Covenant Forces trying to overrun the position. Later the attacks from Covenant lessened. They were then hailed by Miranda Keyes who regrouped all UNSC and allied Sanghelli Forces. The remaining UNSC forces, the Arbiter, N’tho 'Sraom, and Usze 'Taham headed back to Earth to prevent Truth from fulfilling his plans.
  • Once back at Earth, Echo-2 didn’t see much action until they were reassigned to the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn, and the Dawn along with the allied Sanghelli headed through the Portal to Installation-00. Echo-2 assisted the Master Chief with clearing an LZ for the Dawn to land. They were successful in doing so, and were brought aboard a Pelican to fight Covenant Forces proving to be a difficulty for the UNSC and Sanghelli. They cleared out the Covenant and their Triple A batteries, allowing UNSC/Sanghelli aircraft to fly through the area.
  • During the Battle of the Citadel, Echo-2 made a push to stop Truth from activating Halo. Deadeye was perched up high while his team moved in with the heavy armour to clear the Scarabs. They were successful in clearing the area. Echo-2 and the remaining allies were then brought aboard the Shadow of Intent. Once Master Chief and Thel received Cortana from High Charity, Echo-2 along with all the other allied Forces, besides Master Chief, Thel, Cortana, and Johnson headed back through the Portal.


  • After having a bit of a break from fighting, Echo-2 was deployed to the surface of Draetheus V with other Marines and ODSTs to hold off the emerging Covenant forces and alloy for Civilians to be evacuated. Deadeye was positioned in areas to recon the Covenant forces, and how to counter their push. This allowed the UNSC forces to repel and eventually defeat the Covenant. Once all the Civilians were evacuated, all the UNSC forces were evacuated.




  • In July, Echo-2 was at a UNSC base in New Phoenix, when suddenly they had to repel the Covenant and Promethean forces emerging from seemingly nowhere. Deadeye, was positioned, at the top of the base’s lookout tower, Sniping every hostile he got a chance to hit.


  • In April, Echo-2 alongside a Spartan-III, [REDACTED], were sent on a mission to clear a sector of Covenant Remnants who were being a nuisance for UNSC ships flying by. These Covenant however turned out to be Banished, the Spartan and ODSTs however were able to clear the area with relative ease with Deadeye Sniping many Elites and Brutes, even Sniping a Brute Chieftain before he could kill one of Deadeye’s squadmates.





Deadeye is a very capable soldier proving time and time again, that his skills are up-to-par, even being offered a chance to become a Spartan-IV. He however, declined, saying he wanted to remain with his team, and that he likes being an ODST. He also said “the thrill of dropping into hell wouldn’t be the same in Spartan armour”. This ODST is definitely one of a kind, and one I would use as an example to our newer ODST cadets.

//End of File//


Bro this was so cool, I hadn’t even thought of doing this before but am working on it now XD

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Thank you!! It did take some time, but I do plan to make more profiles just because I find it enjoyable to do so. You and anyone else can feel free to do the same :slight_smile:

Name: Daryl Allen
Age: Biological 28, physical 25
Gender: male
Date of Birth: September 12 2531
Place of Birth: Tampa, Florida, Earth
Enlistment Date: September 12th 2551
Service Number: (67034-18340-DA)
Rank: Sergeant
Unit: 20th Shock Troops Battalion
Status: MIA
Specialization: Rifleman, Explosives
Armor & Equipment:
Standard ODST BDU/ Armor,
4 plastic explosive charges
2 fragmentation grenades
BR55 Service Rifle
M6C pistol
M7 and m20 personal defense weapons
qualified to use M41, and M57 rocket launchers
February 4th 2551
initial assignment, apart of UNSC marine reserve unit in Sydney Australia.
October 20th - November 7th 2552
October 20th -Reassigned to Cairo station, Present during the attack on Cairo. Saw first action as covenant soldiers boarded the station. the platoon he was apart of were ordered to defend ship Anchorages. During the fight they fought multiple waves of boarders until the command crews of the ships arrived. Then were ordered to fall back to help protect the command deck.
October 21rst-Fighting intensified and marines ran out of ammo and had to switch to using covenant weapons. Private Allen was shaken after seeing almost 25 percent of the platoon dead.
October 22nd - Private Allen is injured by Plasma pistol fire while trying to move injured squadmate to cover. the overcharged Plasma bolt cut through back plates of armor. Medical Foam used for first aid. Then transferred to improvised field hospital for treatment.
October 30th- two squads sent to reinforce marines defending fire control. they are ambushed along the way and the squads sergeant is killed. Private Allen promoted to Lance corporal to assist new squad leader.
November 3rd- squad folded into new platoon and redeployed to crows nest.
November 17th- after Spartan 117 was brought into the base the evacuation order was given. Lance Corporal Allen and his squad Evacuate after helping to secure hanger bay. His team took part in the attack on the AA guns. Uses Rocket launcher to destroy AA tanks. After the last AA gun was destroyed and covenant fleet disengaged his team while waiting at a extraction zone are engaged by the flood. Only Lance Corporal Allen and a squamate survived to be extracted. Held by ONI for debriefing.

January 1rst 2553
Corporal Allen offered chance for ODST training. He takes their offer.

May 15th 2553
Corporal Allen assigned to 20th Shock Troops Battalion, squad Zulu-4 stationed aboard [Redacted]. The ship was apart of operations against covenant loyalist.
In a battle with a Covenant cruiser Zulu-3, 4 and 5 were deployed to board the enemy ship with ONI to secure [Redacted], teams completed their objectives. Action ended in destruction of the Covenant ship. Corporal Allen used timed explosives on the enemy ships core.

December 2nd 2557
20th Chock Troops Battalion assigned to UNSC Infinity.
February 2nd 2558
Sargent Allen Confined to bay and reprimanded with his squad after ship security uncovered plot involving their squad and two spartan teams to have a naïve spartan brew them unsanctioned alcohol. all involved have been punished.

February 7th - March 3rd 2558
February 7th-Squad Zulu-4 assisted in land grab efforts. Tasked with elimination of enemy armor units.
[Redacted]- placed to help defend UNSC research base [Redacted]. ODST defended facility against covenant attack until relieved by fireteam [Redacted] arrived. returned to Infinity
[Redacted]- Squad Zulu-4 helped UNSC infinities command deck, squad suffers 2 casuality.
[Redacted]-squad tasked with removing covenant sheild generators and armor emplacements at covenant compound in preperation for spartan assult.
Marine seems to have some scarring from his early service which manifests its self in attachment to his subordinates. Known for also hazing the “new guys”, which has resulted in some disciplinary actions twice. He is known for completing the mission and then some. Seems to love explosives and often refers to them as “the only way to be sure to kill the enemy.”
ODST and his squad are MIA after created rebellion.

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