tell me the storyline of halo

i am a little confused of the storyline could someone explain to me?

The game story line? The book’s story line? The entire story?

Tell ya what, I’ll just give you the link to a very helpful Halo Timeline.

Here is some more insight to the Halo story.

The Halo Conflict 1
The Halo Conflict 2
The Halo Conflict 3
The Halo Conflict 4

Hope this helped. :slight_smile:

Huge spoiler alert

A ship called the Pillar of Autumn just leaves slipspace, fleeing from the events that took down the military fortress world Reach. On that ship is a Spartan (spartan 117, or Master Cheif). Due to Cole Protocol (events placed to prevent the Covenant from finding the location of Earth, one of these steps is to try and avoid them by making random slipspace jumps), they picked random coordinates prior to jumping, and landed at an unknown destination. Upon leaving slipspace, they see a giant ring.

The Covenant didn’t leave them much time to observe, as they jumped back into real space right behind them. They damaged the Pillar of Autumn, and its occupants needed to leave the vessel. One of the occupants-Master Chief-was woken up from cryo sleep and reunited with his AI Cortana. The captain of the ship (Keyes) stayed with the ship to land it on Halo to give everyone a chance at escaping. Master Chief found his way to an escape pod and watched Keyes crash into Halo.

After this, through various events they learn that the ring is ancient, and was built by a race called the Forerunners. The humans think the ring is a weapon, and houses weapons. Through a mistake, recently reunited Keyes and one Sergeant Avery Johnson and a team follow a Covenant group into a swamp land where they think the Covenant is recovering weapons. It turns out there were no weapons, but a parasitic life form called The Flood. Master Chief was sent to rescue them once comms were down, but he found nothing but a video showing the attack. He later had to battle through The Flood himself to escape. Once out of the Forerunner structure, he is met by a floating AI called 343 Guilty Spark, who teleports Master Chief to a place called The Library to help him.

Master Chief helps 343 Guilty Spark as he is under the assumption that 343 can help him with The Flood, he later learns that while 343 can help, it would come at the risk of all known life. Cortana withholds the key to activate Halo (which would start the process of destroying life), in which case 343 turns on them.

Some more stuff happens right here, then other things.

The Flood takes over Halo, and Master Chief, realizing the threat, decides to take matters into his own hands by destroying the cores on the Pillar of Autumn, resulting in a large explosion. He finds his way through play epic music here, as well as car sound effects RRRRRRR and he does things, and then it explodes. The ring is destroyed as well as The Flood threat.


Master Chief drifts through space for a while, then later hitches a ride back to Earth through mediums in which I will not tell you. Sorry Guns, it’s classified.
He’s in a particularly fine mood, perhaps Lord Hood didn’t give him an invitation.

Master Chief is back on Earth on an orbital station, the Covenant have found their way to Earth (they meant to arrive at the destination, but they didn’t expect to find humans). He punches them in the butt and lands on Earth. He continues to punch dem butts until dem butts run away by going into slipspace within Earth’s atmosphere because they regretted being alien -Yoinks!-. Captain Keyes’ (oh yeah, he’s dead by the way, sorry.) daughter Miranda Keys follows the ship and there they find another ring. And while this was happening, there’s a side story following an Elite called Thel Vadam, a once shipmaster tasked with eradicating humans from the first Halo ring. The destruction of the ring was a terrible failure, and he was labeled as a heretic, doomed to death. The Prophits (leaders of the Covenant), found other use for him and made him an Arbiter, the Prophits right hand man… er… Elite thing. He does things for them, and later learns that the Covenant’s religion binding them together is a lie, I won’t really get into that.

So Miranda Keys follows the Covenant and they all end up in orbit around another Halo (funny how this keeps happening completely on accident), and they both land there after a dramatic scene with Master Cheif being dropped out of the ship in a metal box along with other Marines (ODST’s, helljumpers, they also drop onto planets in boxes). They fight things (the covenant things) and Master Chief fights a Prophet and wins, then a bunch of other Covenant show up and blow up Master Chief and he falls in the water.

Master Cheif wakes up in a tentacle, along with The Arbiter, along with a monitor (like 343 guilty spark) along with a prophit. The tentacle is attatched to a large Flood form called the Gravemind. He tells The Arbiter that he’s an idiot for following the Covenant, and he tells Master Cheif that he is made of skin and bone and metal and that he already has his mind made up. The Arbiter told him to shut up, and the Gravemind told him to shut up back because he’s been alive for a long time and listened, so he wanted to talk. Reasonable reaction.

Master Cheif and The Arbiter do things for the Gravemind, then they end up doing things their own way. Things happen.

The Covenant then goes through a rebellion, the Prophets pretty much went “gbi” to the Elites and replaced them with the Brutes (another race in the Covenant), while this happens, The Flood infects High Charity (the ship/planet headquarters for The Covenant, and the Prophets run away but one dies. Master Cheif blows up High Charity, leaves Cortana behind, and hitches a ride with the Prophets on their awesome ship.

The Arbiter learns that one of the Brutes is going to activate the Halo, which he now knows is a bad thing. He stabs all of these Brutes and gets to the Brute trying to activate the Halo and he was like “Nope” and killed the Brute and the Brute died. His name was Tartarus by the way. But that’s no longer important because he’s dead, no funeral ceremony was had.

Master Chief comes back into orbit and hood was like “What are you doing on that ship” and Chief was like “I’m gonna finish this fight”, and a bunch of angry Halo fans threw their controllers to the ground.

So he’s back on Earth, and the remaining Covenant are trying to destroy Earth. Master Chief fights them, and the Covenant open up some Forerunner technology buried in the Earth. A Covenant ship crash lands and it appears to be infected with The Flood. They think Cortana is aboard and he fights his way to retrieve her, it was just a message. Things happen and he thinks Cortana is back again, so he fights again and there she is.

The Forerunner thing is activated and opens a portal, and they follow the Covenant into the portal. Oh yeah and the Humans and Elites are like bff’s now. So the Humans and Elites go in and they’re at another Forerunner installation called the Ark. Cool space battles happen. They learn that the Ark can produce Halo rings, and the one Master Cheif blew up is being rebuilt, 343 guilty spark is back and PROTOCOL DICTATED ACTION so they agreed to activate the ring, but they wanted to blow it up again and 343 was like What and killed Sergeant Avery Johnson and MC blew him up. He activated the Halo and it destroyed the Ark with The Arbiter. The Arbiter escaped, Master Cheif did not. Humans think Master Chief is dead and the Arbiter was like “Were it so easy” and then Halo 3 was end.
I left a lot out.

Then Cortana was like “WAKE UP JOHN”

You didn’t read this.


You didnt write that :stuck_out_tongue:

> i am a little confused of the storyline could someone explain to me?

I suggest you pick up some of the Halo books and give them a read.
I’d start with contact harvest.

See the movie “Aliens”, factor out invading humans for invading alien race from Starship Troopers against verbally dry super soldiers.


> @Prototype3
> You didnt write that :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh but I did.

The galaxy is torn apart by two warring groups of aliens: the Forerunners, and the parasitic Flood. The Flood are space zombies controlled by a master zombie known as the Gravemind: they can infect living or dead individuals, killing and resurrecting victims as new members of the Flood.

To stop the Flood, the Forerunners created weapons called the “Halos”. Imagine a planet, but inside-out. Now imagine it’s a ring. Now imagine that if a device on that ring is activated, everything – Flood, Forerunner, or other – within a really huge distance of the ring dies instantly. Now imagine that there are seven of these things, placed to cover the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

The Forerunners then built a safe haven called the Ark, located outside of the galaxy. They teleported as many uninfected creatures as they could to the Ark, and then activated the Halos. This killed nearly all of the Flood, but also all of the Forerunners. The only surviving Flood are kept frozen in captivity in research labs on the Halos, like blood samples.

A hundred thousand years later, in the year 2552, humans are at war with a group of alien species known as the Covenant. The Covenant is governed by “Prophets”, with “Elites” and ape-like “Brutes” leading smaller footsoldiers (Jackals, Grunts) into battle. They believe that the Forerunners were gods, and that activating the Halo rings will take them to Alien Heaven. They also believe that Humans have been destroying Forerunner artifacts.

During a random space battle, a human ship teleports to a random destination… which just happens to lie right next to a Halo ring. A Covenant attack forces the Humans to crash-land on the Halo ring; the Covenant soon follow. Unfortuantely, the Covenant wreck this Halo’s Flood research lab, setting the parasite free again.

A robot janitor named 343 Guilty Spark takes notice of this, and leads the strongest of these humans – John-117, a.k.a. the Master Chief – through the Halo’s structures. He tells Chief that activating the Halo will kill the Flood. He doesn’t tell Chief that activating the Halo will kill everything else as well. Chief is juuuust about to activate the Halo when his robot janitor, Cortana, stops him. Guilty Spark gets pissed and promptly tries to murder the two of them.

Chief realizes that the only way to stop Spark is to destroy the Halo itself. The entire thing. So he goes back to a crash-landed nuclear ship, damages a nuclear reactor, and flees the Halo on a small dropship a few minutes before the reactor destroys the ringworld. Everyone else dies.


Halo 2: the Covenant find Earth, and another Halo. The Prophets also order the Brutes to slaughter the Elites, prompting the Elites to leave the Covenant and help humans.


Halo 3: Everyone finds the Ark. We destroy it. Universe SAVED! But Chief and Cortana get lost in space somewhere when a teleport goes wrong.

> The game story line? The book’s story line? The entire story?
> Tell ya what, I’ll just give you the link to a very helpful Halo Timeline.
> Here is some more insight to the Halo story.
> The Halo Conflict 1
> The Halo Conflict 2
> The Halo Conflict 3
> The Halo Conflict 4
> Hope this helped. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the information. I’ll definitely look into it.