Teleporter's Not Working

I have a sender set to Quebec and a receiver set to the same and it is not working, this has been happening since yesterday, please help me.

I have a few quick questions about your problem:

  • Does it happen with the other teleporters channels? - Does it happen with the other teleporters type? (I.e. both UNSC and invisible). - Does it happen if you use a two-way teleporter as the receiver? - Are you experiencing it on a specific map? - Do you have sufficient space around the entrance and exit? - Are player and vehicle options enabled? - Is the boundary for the teleporter big enough?

1: Yes
2: Yes
3: Both Two Way And Standard
4: Tidal at the moment but will test on other maps
5: I have free space available
6: Yes
7: Yes

Ok, that’s very odd then.

Would you be able to post a link to your map so I can have a look at the problem myself?

I won’t have time to check your map today, but I should be able to get back to you on it tomorrow (though don’t hold me to that).

Was the problem ever solved?