Teishin Raikou Unlock?

Hello, I’ve been playing Halo 5: Guardians since launch. Supposedly I was supposed to get the Teishin Raikou armor for multiplayer/warzone, and I have yet to see it. Am I missing something? Was there a certain requirement for getting it that I missed out on? Because I really dearly desire this armor and seeing everyone else with it, knowing I don’t have it is somewhat of a frustration. My friends also have this same problem, and I am needing to know if we missed a step of some sort.

It’s not unlocking for anyone, and if it is it’s for a select few. The armor is bugged. Just wait it out until later.

Nothing but issues around that pre-order armor set.
I got my helmet… and that was it.

Yea I’m hoping to get it on the 7th. I just want it already so it’s one less I have to pull from a req


They’re working on it.