Tedious Challenges

I really wish everything wasn’t connected to challenges. I’m reminded of Destiny 2 when everyone was sick to death of grinding out bounties for every single event. They’re not fun to do, especially when they just repeat themselves. I just did a challenge to earn 10 assists in Fiesta. Ok, fine. Now I have a challenge to earn 20 assists in Fiesta. Sigh. I’m not saying it’s too hard to do or anything, it’s just really unimaginative and incredibly boring.

We either need a better way to level up and earn stuff, or we need better challenges. I gave up on the last event for the same reason. Kill 10 enemies with an assault rifle! Kill 20 enemies with an assault rifle! You know, I’ve get better things to do.

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Hopefully with forge they can work with community creators to make some fun actual challenges like Vs bots or jump maps/puzzle maps. That would be dope.

Always going to be hard in PvP. Too niche or difficult and they are frustrating and can’t be done by most players, too generic and easy and they’re boring. It’s a hard balance and I’m not sure what challenges they can incorporate really to keep it feeling fresh. I liked the challenges at first but after seeing the same tired ones every week, I’m no longer a fan.


Yo, do you remember the Halo 3 puzzle maps? Back when forge was such hot garbage that the creative workarounds to puzzle mechanics were more impressive than any of the possible aesthetic. Lol. We sunk alot of hours into them. Never played them in later titles tho. Not sure why.

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Yep they were a lot of fun, I’ve tried them on Halo 5 and while they are more impressive visually, it doesn’t quite feel the same as the super janky setups in the world’s smallest spaces. Those creators were something else, super enjoyable. Still remember the first one I played on The Pit before Foundry was released.

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