Techskill and skill gap

Halo skill gap is maxed out …

What do i mean about this?
Is only so little the you can do in this game and the difficulty in it. It is so balance that the game has become stale when learn and oerfect the weapon drop meta and curve slides the game has nothing else to learnd or do to increase your skill gab and to seperate and creat and identity on how you play…

Halo 3 shotregistration was awfull so it took time and efford to learn the patters to shot your br and it made it more difficult so it had a skill gap of players learning how to actually kill faster with out missing with a 4shot and dont get me start it with the sniper on how hard it was but it made player the really dominated the snioer more valueble to team cuz u had 4 maps that had a sniper to make those players stand out with it and to show case there skill with the gun. Im halo infinite is so simple and ez to snipe compared to halo 3 and reach that now is taken for granted …

Halo 2 had bxr and bxb and more it had techskill and that increased the skill gap for competitive players and till this day it is consider the best halo game ever cuz it gave u and identity it had individual skill u had to practice to get better is was not given so every time a olayer faced u it was a matter of skill no luck u all ways it was not balance like in this game that it feels like every one can be good just by playing the game and not practicing

Game like fortnite
Smash bross melee is and example the comoetitive scene is still alive after 20 long years … cuz of is compexity

Guardians 5 had that and thats why many loved it and others hated it was a hard game to master and it was perfect beacuse of that every one had there own style
And it made the diverse.

Halo infinite has reached it max skill gap in 5 month … his metta has being mastered and there is nothing more to learn and seperate us from others

Give us more movement or give us something to make us grind to make us get better and create our own playstyle … cuz right now this game in skill it at his peak…

Ps. Not saying we need truster implemented in competitive cuz i know a lot of people did not like it including me but spring jump was nice the bxr in halo infinite flight was something interesting it was broken but if u find a way to balance it it would make this game more technicals make the climber animation faster … make the slide better just give us something that actually change the game in a good way

Weapon drop
Curve slides is nice but it skill gap is way to low


I miss H5 multiplayer. It was very TIGHT. Thrusters and sprint made for very fast gameplay. I miss the real magnum so much. H5 magnum was my favorite. I agree with you; halo infinite isnt nearly as complex as previous titles


I bet you the five will be replaced with Infinite when the next game releases.


then play it. no one is topping you

I’m having a stroke trying to read this

Basically you just want Halo Infinite to have it’s own wavedash cheese bug exploit mechanic something that separates casual play from sweaty play? Easy. Have less ping and a better console/PC than your opponents. No input required.

I think there is plenty of techskill left in this game beyond just weapon drop and curve sliding. The addition of limited equipment actually separates skilled players from the average player because of both the restriction and application.

All the equipment in Infinite has much much more uses than the equipment presents itself. Grapples are more than just gapclosing or elevation, they can be used to grab guns, fusion coils, there is also mastery in grappling around corners, momentum and advanced sliding maneuvers.

Repulsor is another equipment that has a very high skill potential, and I can direct you to take a look at clips by Trippylel on youtube, whose mastery of the Repulsor is on another level, being able to deflect Wraith mortar shots, using Repulsor to Ninja or access high grounds and even using the Repulsor to pancake on a regular basis. You can also Repulse almost anything your mind can imagine, including Spikes shooting out from a Spike grenade.

There are just so many “hidden” applications in all these equipment that only a skilled and seasoned player can apply to their gameplay in addition to Halo’s traditional arena style scavenging.

I think games are perfect if their core gameplay or “default game mechanics” are simple, but it’s additional factors that create complexity, over making the game complex on itself.

Forget all of that. You should see all the ridiculous places you can clip jump or frame perfect jump. I’ve seen videos of people doing absolutely stupid wall jumps or box jumps, or clipping corners or ledges to jump super high. I can hardly do less than half of them, and none of them consistently to pull off in a match. People that can do that stuff consistently will dominate any map.

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U acting like u have hand to play melee u have to actually practice that game to be half good wades dash di Lcancelling and more is what makes that game fun and after 20+ years to this day that game is alive with over 50k on twitch for there majors tornaments and its own comunity created and online version for the game to keep playing it with a btter coding sistem that the newest version of the smash series every other smash games has die but melee is for ever and is cuz of its complexity if dont know ur facts dont say random things about it h5 had buggy mechanics and thata why alot of people love that game facts is h5 is not a halo game so the old die hard fans dont like that game only a few but there mechanics made the game hard to learn and created a skill gap on it … halo infinite needs one i know thqt in the flights u had bxb but that was super broken and abusive if u could manage to created a way that made it hard to still use it . It would make increase the skill gap on this game … btw i hated h5 but the movement and the tricks made the game fun …

A single element of the game…just ignore the random weapon spawns in arena, the boring 3 lane maps, the hitscan weapons, the overpowered bullethose, the foolproof overshield and camo and the the fact that the BR awards headshots for bodyshots…

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I would make a better reply to you, if I had any idea what you just said. Something about Melee and H5 having good tech and being fun. I played a ton of Melee and I play a lot of 20XX Tournament Edition, PMEX REMIX, and Project+, so I do know what I’m talking about.

All I said is they want a cheesy tech mechanic in the game similar, since Wavedash was not coded intentionally and didn’t appear in any other games. Melee was very poorly balanced, and past Halo games were also poorly balanced. Old games didn’t get balance updates like Infinite can.

If 343 wanted to, they could and should add old mechanics like Reach sword/hammer alt melee, melee fist sword block, H2 bxr, and sword flying. They won’t though, because 343 hates fun and OG fans. They only care about what Ranked and HCS players want for stale and sterile arena balanced matches.