Hello, how is everyone doing today/night? I would hope it is well. I would like to alert you a brand new Warzone Team, Technical, has officially begun looking for members. In order to join, you must:
-Have ranked at least Gold in the Ranked-Playlist.
-Have a headset microphone within ONE MONTH of you joining.
-Be at least thirteen years of age.
-Be ACTIVE (i.e; Recruiting for the company, playing Warzone, completing commendations, helping with callouts, ect…)
-Have an average Warzone Win Percentage of 40%.
-You must know, or be willing to, CALLOUTS AND WORK TOGETHER AS/WITH A TEAM.

I hope to see you in the warzone, and thank you for your time.

Hay OP, you already have a recruiting topic open here, please remember the rules on recruiting and company topics:

> There are some specific guidelines that we ask Clan Recruiters to follow during their ongoing recruitment efforts:
> - Each company is limited to one recruiting thread. - Do not “bump” or spam your company recruitment thread. - Clans may reply to their recruiting thread once a week with a legitimate and substantial update (3-4 sentences)