Technical issues solved and pending to solve on S2

Seems like there are some technical fixes deployed with S2 lauch that can be oversight for some:

-FMV clips have now correct black levels, color and frame pacing (mostly)
-Character animations now play properly at the full rate 60fps instead of choppy ~40fps
-120fps for Series S is back

Pending fixes:
-Intro FMV pre-title screen still looks too grainy and blocky compressed at the loading logo before the “Xbox Game Studios” logo animation appears
-Facial animations still look choppy at about 30-40fps (weird since in the debut trailer this wasn’t an issue)
-Improper frame pacing when the game runs below the framerate target.
-Improper frame pacing when the game is set to a target framerate inferior to the output signal (120Hz signal on Series X|S with the game set at 60 or 30fps for example)
-VRR/FreeSync still doesn’t work properly
-V-sync doesn’t work properly on PC with frame pacing spikes do to bad frame capping
-Variable Rate Shading is still a bit too strong, is visually noticeable in numerous scenarios.
-Dolby Vision is still somewhat bad implemented.